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what is the best thing to do if your husband & your parents are like dogs & cats?

we live in my parent's house but my husband don't show respect,sometimes!i told him we move to other house but he dont want,i dont know what to think,why he dont want TO MOVE

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Because he doesn't want to be a man, stand on his own feet and provide for his family. He would rather sponge off your parents and complain like the child he is and that he must treat them with respect and follow their rules.

    Since it's your parents house you are the one who's in control of this situation. Let's face it, if you rented an apartment and moved into it, he would have to either move in with you or go live somewhere else. Once you move out of your parents house, he won't be able to stay there.

  • 1 decade ago

    sorry but it sounds like your husband is lazy and your parents don't like that in him try suggesting that he help out a little more around the house like mowing the grass or doing the dishes anything to help out a little bit and as far as him not wanting to move it might be cause doesn't want to help you with the house work or the lawn so you might want to suggest to him or to them that you want to pay rent what it would cost for a apartment in your area and when you have say 2 or 3 months saved up they give you the money and you all find an apartment so that way it is you and his and you can keep it clean or dirty and he wont have to do yard workma beyy then things will get better between them if he still doesn't want to move then ask him why and tell him that a cause is not a answer you want a reason good luck

  • Your parents are probably pissed because your hubby can't provide you with a place to live!

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