Do you think I can get into these universities.. detailed answers please!!!!!!!!?

Freshman Year:

Algebra 2 Honors A,A

Geometry Honors A,A

English Honors A,A

Medical Skills A,A

Spanish 1 A,A

p.e. A,A

Biology Honors A,A

Physics Honors A,A

Dual Enrollment Computer Concepts A,A

(some of these classes were taken online if you were wondering) 4.39 weighted GPA

Sophomore year:

Pre-Calculus A,A

Chemistry Honors A,A

AP World History A,A (5 on exam)

AP Stats (5 on exam)

Spanish 2 A,A

English 2 Honors A,A

Dual Enrollment Physics 1 A,A

(some of these classes were taken online if you were wondering) 4.64 weighted GPA

Junior Year: (Prediction of all a's)

AP BC Calculus

AP Chemistry

AP Biology

AP English Language

AP US History

Spanish 3 Honors

AP AB Computer Science

Dual Enrollment Multivariable Calculus

Dual Enrollment Physics 2

Senior Year: (prediction of all a's)

AP English Literature

AP Environmental Science

Dual Enrollment Differential Equations/ Linear Algebra

AP Spanish Language

AP Goverment/Economics

Dual Enrollment General Chemistry 2

Predicted SAT score: 2250-2350

Predicted ACT score: 34+


County Math team (2 years)

Robotics club (3 years)

NHS: officer position (3 years)

HOSA (4 years)

Key club: officer position (3 years)

I'm planning to make my own club when I start my Junior year.

Cross Country (3 years)

Track (4 years)

Wrestling (2 years)

Weightlifting (2 years)

Went to ISEF 2 years

Lab Internship (2 years)

Science Camp (one summer)

Volunteer at MOSI (75 hours)

Volunteer at local hospital (100 hours)

Predicting Good essay and great recs. What are my chances at:

University of Florida

Harvard University (why not?)


Columbia University (I love New York)

University of South Florida

University of Central Florida

Yale University

Cornell University

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To tell you the truth, you have good grades (obviously), and some good extracurriculars, but the fact that some of your courses were taken online is a bit questionable... Also you may look a bit boring to schools like Harvard, Yale, and MIT. There are so many students applying to those schools that have transcripts that look just like yours. if you want to get into a top school you need to STAND OUT. so try to spice it up a bit. It also depends on what school you go to... Do you go to a private or public school?

    The fact that you took those ap's and got such high scores will definitely help you though. just be yourself, and try to emphasize the most interesting aspects of your personality!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sure you'll be fine with all the Florida schools. As for MIT and the ivy leauge schools they are very competative. However, you have got a GREAT shot.

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