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Cannot connect to EA online when trying to play Battlefield 1943 on xbox 360. Help?

My friends have all had no problem just starting up a game, trial or not, when it comes to connecting to trying to find a match. When I try, it says that I cannot connect to EA online, even though I have made an account. I've tried linking it to my gamer tag but it says that they can't find information on my gamer tag. If anyone has any solutions that may work, please help! I've tried several things but they aren't working and EA has terrible customer support.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the EA servers get filled to capacity... and wont allow any people on for a limited time.. they are fixing the issue

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Matthew, STFU I even have suitable velocity cable and a sparkling router. I even have port forwarded the router consistent with a prior undertaking with BFBC2 and had the comparable undertaking. it fairly is EA's fault one hundred% and in case you get by way of to EA client service they provide you a BS reaction and while pushed will admit the subject is on their end and that they are conscious. This undertaking has been affecting people for the reason that August 2011 and is for each EA recreation yet you're able to play COD whose developer knows the thank you to run a server (yet is a worse recreation). To the unique poster, reliable luck with EA they're backside of the barrel trash while it includes making a server that works. do not pay attention to the individuals who help you comprehend resetting your date and time will do something or delete information from the tricky force. it won't paintings.

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