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Fixing USA. Is a real grassroots movement possible?

Do you think this simple plan will work?

Reelect nobody. We can change USA government and laws completely in 6 years through The Vote and Amendment. Our Legislature can change the laws. It would help if we put forth some of our own candidates from the masses instead of allowing the Moneyed Interests to select what choices we will have. Modern communications means we don't have to buy expensive media ads. Just point out who's good to each other.

What can stop this from working?


The Constitution must be restored to Supremacy. By "changing laws" I mean getting the government off our backs, reducing the size and cost of it, restoring our Rights and generally acting like it works for us since, after all, The People own this place.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I wish it were that easily remedied. If only. It is just my opinion, but I believe we are fighting more than just one enemy per se. The current administration, in all its self-righteous indignation, is obviously ONE enemy to our freedoms and life as we know and love it. I am including all the special interest groups, lobbyists and those that pander to our government in this first group due to their heavy palm-greasing and snake-oil-salesmen tactics...extremists that get paid to be extreme....Cloward-Piven Strategy comes to mind. The SECOND, less obvious enemy, are those included in "We the People" who support the snake-oil-salesmen and purchased politicians. This second group, while believing they are patriotic and full-blooded American heroes, in reality are not. But the fact that they believe themselves to be is the danger. I am not talking about fair-minded, level-headed, thinking types. I am speaking of those who will cut their nose off to spite their face types. Those who will cower to the slightest implication of threat and will willingly sell-out their freedoms for a little favor from those in power. Those who knowingly support the blatant destruction of our freedoms by being unwilling to admit they have erred in their support and do what is right to help correct their error(s). Those who would rather put our country in harms way than to admit they were wrong...extremists who aren't getting paid for their extremism. I hope you can appreciate the difference in this second group and liberals in general. There is a difference just as there is a difference in conservatives. But, in this current reality, the extreme conservatives could actually benefit the country by rallying with the real, true patriots in an effort to restore a sound government that truly represents "We the People" as opposed to their pockets. Our current administration is NOT playing by the rules. They know FULL WELL that they are side-stepping laws that have been put in place by our founding fathers for our protections. They are betting that "We the People" will not follow their lead and, in fact, will make futile attempts to stop their lawlessness through Constitutionally supported methods which allows them valuable TIME to post themselves in illegal positions and make illegal & unconstitutional laws. To me it is exactly like when our descendants fought the British with non-standard means....MILITIA. I fully believe the only way possible to put an end to this TYRANNY is by going rogue. I realize that sounds ridiculous and that it could be twisted to cause me to appear as a lunatic but I believe that is part of what holds good, law-abiding citizens back. The FEAR of being mislabeled and persecuted. The bottom line is if we can't get organized in REAL TIME and agree to disagree on the small stuff and recognize that dissent is the highest form of patriotism (as Thomas Jefferson knew to be true & stated so), THEN OUR LAND OF THE FREE WILL SOON BE PURCHASED AT AT PRICE NONE OF US IS PREPARED TO PAY.

    Source(s): Truly a Patriot
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    No it is not possible. The impeachment of a president is huge. The majority of senators would like to someday run for president and would not want to me impeached themselves for these type of acts. They won't want to set a pressident. As for yoyr sited illegal acts: The rounding up of anyone and everyone with a questionable visa stutus seemed pretty valid at the time. The president has very broad war powers for a good reason. After Pearl Harbor all the Japanese Americans were literally put into concentration camps. Most of them lost their homes and businesses. We did better this time and will do better in the future. This was not a "high crime". Illegal wire taps huh? Are you actually familiar with the technology in question? The idea is that a computer will scan various forms of comunication from cellular to pnone to email and will flag any trigger words like "bomb" or "Jihad" and then record a snippet of the conversation so an analyst can review it to see if a warrant should be obtained. They had some extended leeway to go back and listen for a while to make sure it wasn't just some guy on a rant. Additionally the system can "hop" to follow a targeted user who changes phones and uses multiple communication devices. Traditional warrants don't provide for keeping up with the technology available. A warrant will cover one phone at a time. Congress was fully informed the whole time, just not all of them cause those idiots can't keep secrets. Jose Padilla might have a case to sue the federal government for a billion dolars but its not one for impeaching the president. Again, broad war powers. "Illegal Combatants", I love this one. Do you know what the geneva convention was designed to do? To be covered under the Geneva convention you MUST be a) in uniform b) under the command of a suprior officer c) fighting on behalf of a country that has signed the conventions. The idea is to prevent mobs of soldiers terrorizing the population. If you meet those conditions you are promissed good treatment per the conventions. Otherwise you may be shot on site, hanged, or otherwise dealt with as a looter or criminal. Spies are specifically not covered as prisoners of war under the geneva convention. The Taliban might have a case for Geneva convention protections if they had signed the conventions and had uniforms. Al-qieda is not covered. Oh and Walker should have been shot for treason long ago. In general half of Americans will agrre with what I said. 35% will think it was not that out of line and 15% will be like you. That is not mainstream. That is political wacos going off at the mouth and will be viewed as such if it shows up on the today show.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    The problem is this, we are dumb. My point, take all the veterans organizations. They get a lot done, but think if their was just one veterans organization and all vets belonged, now how big a change would then take place? Its the same with Unions, the first to try and organize were the wobblies, Industrial Workers of the World. One union one voice. All local, state,and federal governments fought it tooth and nail. They were branded as anarchists by big business, government, and the ultra rich who then bribed the leaders of trades to work against the wobblies and they lost credibility and we got "trade" unions. 3, 00 voices screaming into one ear trying to be heard. It did pay off for the politicians, they got the big campaign contributions from all the different unions so that each trade union felt they had bought themselves a vote. Fools. Until you can convince people don't have to agree 100% on everything to still come together as one voice, with one purpose. You will continue to have the stupidity we have now. The results are we are now, with Franken the "Greatest Show on Earth", come see the freaks. With ACORN being able to steal an election so boldly, I really don't think you will ever see a true free honest election in this country again.

  • 1 decade ago

    This is an excellent idea. I don't know why more people haven't suggested it. We need to stop being spoon fed our candidates (democrats AND republicans). With sites like youtube we could communicate easily and effectively...

    Nothing would make the powers that control us tremble more than a united populace. Someone dedicated, someone not 'born into' politics, someone who cares about the country. Someone that has faced real challenges in their life and has triumphed. Nearly 100% of the politicians we see today never had to work for much of anything.

    It would give Americans the power of voting back. We don't really have that power if all of our candidates have already been selected for us.

    @ DJnCSprings: So true! Our tv (especially cable news) is beginning to resemble a form of mind control.

    Edit again: I love M's response. Being a liberal libertarian I at first thought she was speaking of the conservative extremeists, (its that mirror concept I always talk about in my R/S questions!) but I still totally agree. Extremists on both sides think they are being patriotic when in fact they are mindless machines pushing forward the agenda of, for lack of a better term, the elite. Politicians don't care about us. The division caused by these two extreme set of views has the left the people seeking freedoms in the middle ground stranded. Above all else I am a believer in FREEDOM and a small government. That is why I stopped coming to the politics is filled with people who bash one another on the other 'side' when in fact none of us have representation anymore. I am on freedom and liberty's side and I see our country getting eaten alive.

    If something doesn't happen...if we sit idly by and continue watching this circus, without uniting as Americans (instead of democrats/republicans) we are going to lose our beautiful country to the lobbyists, corrupt politicians and mindless supporters, and ultra-wealthy banks and corporations--none of which have the American population's best interests at heart--and lastly auctioned off to the highest bidder. As for the senate AND the house of representatives...I don't trust any of them to do the right thing save for a handful perhaps. President Obama looked great on the campaign trail, but has thoroughly disappointed me thus far. What did I expect? He was brought to power by the same machine that is RUINING this country.

  • Datx
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Yes, we can throw the moneyed and wealthy interests out of power. Do we need larger expensive campaigns? Not with a little something I like to call the internet. I think it is part of out civic duty to change it up and force politicians to change. They can not kick the worker around and keep getting back into power. There is a social revolution coming.

    There are a lot of things we can do. Let's start a party. The only thing that would hold this up is, deception fed by money (i.e Fox), old people with vested interests in the status-quo, and a bunch of politicians who fear a loss of power.

    Source(s): "The New Golden Age" - Ravi Batra
  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Why would you want to change the laws. I think enforcing them would be the way to change...

    We have Big Money that is always trying to get around the Constitution of the United States. Presidents are always trying to get around the Constitution.

    It's Our document and our basis for democracy and justice.

    Grassroots movements related to fixing the Country would be advised to simply throw the bums in(to) jail, and in the case of some

    solitary confinement.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Actually, it could be done a lot easier.

    Polling PROVES that the vast majority of voters oppose the Democrat platform but an awful goddamn lot of them ALSO swallow the lying Democrat propaganda about BOTH parties.*

    Put simply, an effective "stop voting for Democrats" movement would deliver what Americans want.

    Source(s): * One example. You can find more on your own if you like: When the inheritance tax is explained in detail, about 2/3 of Democrat voters oppose it (and most believe it's Republicans' fault) but 100% of elected Democrats demand it. You get similar numbers on virtually every issue.
  • Daniel
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    The love of money rules the world. It is just a simple fact.

    Great question and I respect it,

    I remain,

    Your assistant

  • 1 decade ago

    Read the Robber Barron's and then reconsider your postulation.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    usa time is up. china wants its old place back

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