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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 1 decade ago

i need to lose 15 pounds, and does not eating after 7 really help that much?

i'm 5'7" and 150 pounds. most of it is muscle, and im a pretty serious athlete. i think that losing the fat would help me in sports, as mine mostly deal with strength, and fat won't help. if i lose 15 pounds, i'll be just about all muscle.

i looked on a website and it said that if i want to lose weight, i need to be eating less than 1490 calories. i eat healthy already, but am not doing much right now. can someone tell me some (not impossible, but good) ways i could lose weight (or inches from waist, etc) , and how long it will take?

also, everyone says not to eat past 7:00. if i stop snacking after dinner or eating late, will this really help all that much to keep my weight down? thanks a bunch!


sorry, i mean the part that is under my natural waist (love handles if that helps) measures 36 inches. my thighs measure 23 inches

Update 2:

yeah i've been measuring my waist. the "real" measurement is above your hip bones right? that measurement is fine, but when it gets to where my hip bone is, there's more fat around it. it's about 36 inches and i'm wanting it to be around 34. thanks for the help so far yall!

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  • Rkc
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago
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    yes definatly, it wont happen overnight but it will make big difference

  • 1 decade ago

    Well 150 for 5''7 is pretty great :) but still >:

    1490 calories is probably just right :)


    It's true eating after 7:00 is not so good for your weight !

    Drink plenty of water , plenty is about 2-3L :)

    If your gonna exercise do it in the morning BEFORE eating breakfast it's 4x more effective in fat burning :)

    Doing about 500 jump rope jumps is a great morning workout :)

    500 hundred i can do in 1 commercial break :)

    GOOD LUCK :)

    P.S you should mesure your waist instead of weighing yourself muscle weights 2-3x more than fat:)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i forget what site i found it on.. but it was a site that would tell you how many calories you would eat in a day. fit to your lifestyle. i swim and i also have a special diet plan i have to follow though it isn't very strict. always make sure you eat the right amount of calories.. during my winter season last year i got burnt out and i was sick and missed eleven days of school make sure you eat enough to stay healthy..

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