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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionOther - Television · 1 decade ago

i have questions about harpers island finalee!!!!?

1. who killed ben, or booth? or was booth's really an accident?

2. why didnt wakefield just kill abby himself.

3. why was madison never killed? and why was wakefield nice to her?

4.why the did the lawyer guy lie and say they found henry, abby, and jimmy dead?


ohh i also heard they killed madison at the end.?

but okay forget question fourrr now, he left blood. i guess i didnt catch that part. lol

overall did you like the ending!?!

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    1 decade ago
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    1. henry must of killed cousin ben because he was on the boat where they were. im not really sure who killed booth some people were saying he accidently shot him self in the leg? idk they never said.

    2. wakefield didn't kill abby because it was all henry's plan to keep abby with him forever

    3. madison wasnt killed because the kidnapping of her let henry and wakefield kill so many more people, and wakefield was nice to her so she wouldn't tell other people about him.

    4. the lawyer didn't lie about all the deaths, as of what everyone knows by evidence, they all died in the fire. because henry dragged wakefield and sully in the church, trish was already there and he put blood samples of jimmy's abby's and him self's in there.

    i was so devistated when sully died i loved his character i wanted him to live! and when his eyes were watering it was so sad :( i almost cried when henry died i felt so bad for him all he wanted was real family which was his sister abby :(

    oh and henry was going to kill shea and madison but they got away. he was going to kill them because they knew that someone let wakefield out of the jail cell. and that is why he was going to frame jimmy.

    * :) <3

    Source(s): The Best Show I Have Ever Seen<3
  • 1 decade ago

    1. Yeah it was really an accident

    2. I don't think Henry would let him, Henry would never forgive his father if he killed her; in the end Henry said he did most of the killings.

    3. I think that Henry didn't care for Shay and Madison so he just let them both live; Wakefield had nothing against a little girl?

    No Madison lived

    I wish that Abby didn't kill Henry. It was crazy that Henry killed everyone he ever cared for just for Abby. And I didn't get when he said 'I love you' to Abby was it brother/sister 'I love you' or incest 'I love you'? I hoped Henry would live though and Abby might accept him but something had to be done about Jimmy and I didn't want him to die either.

    The entire season I didn't cry but when Henry was dying and he said 'I love you' I bawled.

    The show and the storyline was awesome. My favorite by far.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Ben- Henry said he did it. Booth-- accidentally shot himself, when he was trying to hide the money (did you hear what Henry said, it was money that Uncle Marty was going to give to Malcolm to invest in the brewery!) So they really didn't need to turn it over as drug money!

    2. Wakefield was acting like a supervisor/adviser to Henry, this was really all for Henry like a passing of the torch or something (they were both sick B*ast*ards.)

    3. Madison, needed to let people know what Wakefield wanted them to know. Maybe Wakefield was nice to her, because Henry liked her.

    4. The lawyer/da who ever that guy was didn't lie, Henry set it up to look like everyone was killed. (But I'm wondering where the extra bodies were -- for Jimmy, Henry, & Abby) Because he said they found twenty bodies (hope that Booth was one of them)

    It was great, but I am the only one wondering what ever happened to poor Lucy's little dog? It was bedraggled and wet when he ex-deputy had her around.

  • 1 decade ago

    1. I think Booth was killed, though it could have been an accident, they never said.

    2. He thought Henry would, he had no reason to believe he would be betrayed.

    3. Wakefield used Madison.

    The ending blew, the plot twist was one of the most rediculous I have ever seen. It definitately didn't live up to the rest of the series.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have no clue why ben was killed(probably just to introduce the whole brutal murder aspect); apparently booth's was accident (pretty gay actually)

    wakefield believed that henry had to kill the person he loved most (abby) to "complete" himself

    producers didnt want kill a little girl; maybe wakefields a softy at heart :P

    henry said he left evidence that everyone left on the island died in the fire at the church

  • 1 decade ago

    1. We don't know, it looked accidental but probably wasn't

    2. henry told his dad he wanted to do it, if left up to wakefield abbey would have been dead sooner.

    3. They used her as a messenger and were going to kill her later

    3. He didn't lie. Henry planted their blood at the scene so it looked they did burn and die there.

  • 4 years ago

    i replaced into questioning this too! i think of that is probable by using holiday, and there would not be as plenty people observing as there could be if it wasn't 4th of July! yet do no longer trouble there will be a 2 hour episode next week! i will't wait! Harper's Island is amazing!!! XD

  • 1 decade ago

    1. I think it was really an accident

    2. I have no idea.

    3. I dont know that either.

    4. He didnnt lie they thought they did die because they found traces of blood in the church from all of them

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