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what was the boy meets world episode where eric has a lucky penny?

excerpt from the episode:

Eric: Talk, talkedy-talk talk, talkedy talk! Oh, look! Trailer Boy's got all the answers! Well you know what Trailer Boy? One thing you don't have? BAM! Penny!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Season 7 episode 13

    It's called 'The Provider'

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago



    Original Airdate (ABC): 07-JAN-2000



    You will find it there.

    Shawn: Don’t figure it out with me, those days are long gone. There’s only one person that can help you here.

    Eric: (Pops up from behind couch) And it’s me.

    Shawn: (Like he’s scolding a puppy) Eric, no!

    Eric: (To Shawn) Why don’t you cram it, talk boy? That’s all you’re good for is talk. Oh, talkkity talk, talkkity talk talk talk, talkkity talk talk! Oh, look! Oh, look it’s great! Trailer boy’s got all the answers! Y’know, trailer boy? There’ something you don’t have. BAM! (Sticks penny in Shawn’s face) Penny! (To Cory) Hey.

    Cory: Hey.

    Eric: I love you, Cory, you’re my brother. (Cory nods) That’s why I’m gonna give you my penny.

    Cory: Eric. That penny’s been so lucky for you.

    Eric: Now it’s going to be lucky for you. If I could just have a second. (Stands up and looks at penny, making the sad lip) (To penny) Thank you, penny, for all you have taught me. For you have taught me confidence, and with that confidence I know, that I no longer need luck. So I intend to go on in life… penny-less… (removes penny from neck and puts it on Cory, holding back tears)

    Cory: Eric, that’s very nice. Are you sure about this?

    Eric: (Nods, swallows) Yes. (To penny) Good luck, old gal. (To Cory) You take care of her. And yourself. (Give Cory a hug)

    Shawn: Okay (Gets up, walks away)

    Cory: Bye (Follows Shawn) (The room empties so Eric is alone)

    Eric: (Thunder outside) That’s weird, looks like rain. Good thing I’m inside. (Gets struck by lightning twice. His clothes become torn and burnt, and his face and hair are ashy) Oh, well. At least I didn’t get wet. (A janitor walks up and dumps a bucket of water on Eric) Thank you! (Twitches from electrical current)

    [SCENE – Cory & Topanga’s apartment. Cory enters from front door. The room is empty]

    Cory: Oh, no… Topanga?! Topanga?!

    Topanga: (Enters from back) I’m here.

    Cory: Hi. (Topanga sits on the couch and plays solitaire) You’re playing solitaire?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love that show!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    ummm isnt that show really old?.... :D

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