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How can I extend my playing time for videogames?

Sometimes I just get a little to serious and have this feeling that I shouldnt play the game anymore. Like when I play CoD5 I get a little to serious with it and sometimes it stops me from having fun. What can I do to not be so serious and just have fun playing the game instead of worrying about leaderboards and stuch?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well every game gets boring and if a game makes you get serious and play then that means your enjoying it. i think it would be better to go through a game faster and enjoy it then go through a game slow but get bored of it.

    For example, i just bought sims 2 yesturday and im already 50% through the story mode. lol, but every time i play it i enjoy it, if i was to take my time and build a house and spend ages in it then i would get bored and i would never wanna play that game again. i hope this helped

  • 1 decade ago

    Take a break and make a drink or go outside for a second for fresh air.

    Maybe change to a different more relaxing game for an hour or so, like Sims or go to and/or for some quick little flash games that make you laugh. Then when you return you'll be more light hearted about dieing.

    It's good that you realize you need to do something a lot of people don't even when they're breaking keyboards and controllers.

  • 1 decade ago

    I laugh at everything, yes I do get quite serious at Times, however I take the game like a joke, I also play some private matches with friends, like knives only and fooling around, trying new glitches, etc. You should also try zombies and then that's just killing, and it doesn't matter. I'ts just made to be fun.

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