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would it be wrong for me to do this... im only fifteen...?

i know its wrong. i got that. i just want to know if i should go for it or not.

i dont have a lot. my parents are divorced and too caught up in their own sh*t to even realize anythings wrong with me, i dont drink or smoke or have sex, i go to an all girls school and dont have many friends because of my whole "f*ck you, i dont care what you think" attitude.

but i started sexting with this really hot guy. he's really cool and hot and hes even kind of smart.

but he wants goofy stuff like hand jobs and stuff.

we went out for a few days but broke up because i said i wasnt ready for that stuff yet and thats what he wanted.

but now im thinking... maybe i should go a little crazy. just for the summer. go ahead and give him what he wants. ii dont even care if he's my boyfriend. as long as he would go to my old schools festival with me and make out with me in front of everyone who always said i was a geek and the guys who would never go out with me because i was wierd or some **** like that.

i figure why not. i have nothing to lose.

and i think itd be fun to piss people off.

so should i do it?

just to make myself happy?

the thing is... how do i tell him that id be willing to do stuff with him?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, speaking as an adult I would so absolutely not young lady keep it to yourself and wait until you are completely ready!!!

    But I almost wanna say go for it, just don't do anything you are uncomfortable with. Be careful and enjoy your life. I understand how it feels to want to get back at the people who hurt you and that for me would be reason enough to do it.

    I would just tell him straight up that you will do it as long as he does those things for you at the festival and I am pretty sure he will go for it!

    Good Luck and be careful and remember DON'T BE PREASURED. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THEN GO FOR IT BUT BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL... there are stds and things like that, that you will need to consider!! (your health is not worth it)

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are ready then do it but not because you want someone to see you messing around with some guy. You're fifteen. I know this is hard to believe, but you have soooo much more going for you right now than guys and what other people think of you. Trust me. The girls you know now, you probably will never talk to again after your school is out, why bother with what they think? Take it from someone whose been the 'weird girl with the bad attitude' i used to not have that many friends (still don't I'm not a 'main stream' girl so not that many people like me because I choose to have my own personality. And there were no guys who were really interested in me because of that and because I wasn't willing to do what the guy wants you to do. But now I have this great boyfriend I met, who respects me and who thinks I'm pretty and smart and wonderfully unique.

    But if this guy really likes you and you really like him, then go ahead. Just if you have any second thoughts. STOP. if he gets mad, then you don't care what he thinks anyway, right?

    its easier than you think to tell him. ask him to hang out some time (a park or something would be the best, and then when the moment feels right kiss him. he'll understand the rest, and if not, he'll definately ask something like 'does this mean what i think it means' then you just kiss him again. he'll definately get the picture. good luck and remember that you don't have to impress people you know you are better than. :)

    Source(s): my life. :D
  • 1 decade ago

    Um you don't need anyones approval to make yourself happy. I know thats a hard concept because your 15, but your "I don't care what you think" attitude is not reflected inside. Your not being true to yourself. Don't spoil what could be romantic gestures with a future boyfriend for a fling to get back at classmates. Thats something that 40 year old single women do for high school renunions. And you know what? It doesnt work. Why? Because people really DONT care about you. Really everyone is too busy caring that other people think about THEM to actually think about YOU. You should adopt the "IDK what you think" attitude on the inside as well, but dont be a ***** to people. Kill them with kindness and youll find that kindness and self confidence is the way to get back at them. Guys will love you and flock to you and youll feel great about yourself too. It sounds like your self esteem is pretty low. You think you have nothing to lose, but giving a guy a handjob for the hell of it definatally ruins your self esteem and reputation. Do you want to be known as the whore? Because if you are doing this to be cool, you will find it will work the opposite way. You will be known as the booty call girl and no guy will genuinely care for you in the long run.

    Source(s): Pursuing a degree in Clinical/counseling Psychology My best friend in high school/college was the booty call girl.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Umm I'm 17 and idk doing that at 15 isn't as bad as it seems just because I think our generation has been exposed to this stuff at quite an early age. Personally I think if you want to do that you should. But if I were you I wouldn't use the guy to make my confidence level rise. When I was 12 a girl at my school called me ugly and that hurt me pretty bad, at 14 I got signed to model for Baby Phat, and after that I shut everyone up and everyone who said bad things about me wanted to be my friends. The point is, at some point in life there will be an event that makes you not care about what people think about you. You actually shouldn't care. If you are really interested in this guy go out with him and have your fun, don't use him. Cause at some point he will find out, and you will lose him. And you dont need to tell him your willing to do stuff. It just happens. Hang out with him more often, make the first move lol idk girl good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your still young so don't go straight out and have sex with him, wait for a more serious relationship later on. All the other stuff before that sure I guess, If it's going to make YOU happy that's all that matters really. Don't do it if you only want to get other people jealous or make them think of you in a higher respect, do it because you know your ready and because it will make you happy. If your not ready for it then do not go ahead with it or you'll end up regretting it later on, trust me. Tell him that you really want to be with him and your ready to start slow and not rush things but kindof hint to him what you mean, don't just flat out say it.

    Source(s): teenage girl
  • 1 decade ago

    Fun is not pissing people off when it is you who has to live with all the dumb decisions that YOU are making. Stop being so weak minded you have a long life ahead of you & shouldn't be involving yourself with that loser.Let him jack himself off. You young girls think you are doing something so special when you have sex with some idiot that doesn't respect you enough to wait. Sex is special when two mature Adults make a wise decision not based on lust but Love and are married and you are none of the above. Stop being so angry @ your parents and you make a decision to love yourself. Finish school go to college and years from now a young man will be interested in you for whole lot of different reasons than what you are experiencing now. you have a lot to lose like one day when you meet MR.Right and you want to walk down the isle being a virgin because this is the one who cared , who respected you enough to ask for your hand not any other young ladies hand but YOURs. Let that be your experience and your memory. Create beautiful memory for yourself starting today and when you have a beautiful daughter you can past down those memories to her not this foolishness. I am a mom i married my husband whom i met @ the age of nine we have 3 children and 1 grandchild who is beautiful Iam also a born again christian i gave my life to the lord @16. God is GOOD!

  • 1 decade ago

    My first experience with sex was one of those "lets try something crazy" things. I really regret it. I put myself in a potentially dangerous situation with someone I hardly knew, and now that I look back on it, I realized that if he had been a jerk, I could have been in serious trouble (raped, whatever). We didn't quite go all the way, but when I look back on it, it really wasn't that fun because I didn't care about him. Not everyone is going to feel like I do, that it's important to care about someone. But I don't think you'll realize whether that is important to you until you are actually in the situation.

    A couple of tips: Make sure your first experience is with someone you do care about. Maybe not in love with, but at least a friend you trust and like.

    Secondly, be paranoid as hell about anyone you meet online. There are some crazy a**holes on the web who seem perfectly cool until you get behind closed doors, and then who knows. If you decide you aren't comfortable all of a sudden, and want things to stop, who is to say they will? You don't want to deal with scars that will last you the rest of your life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You're wanting to do all this for attention. You have no respect for yourself or your body. Showing off a guy is not Cool. He wants you for one thing and after he gets it all and has enough he will tell his friends, and it will never end. So YOU Chose to be a ho because you think someone will notice you. Very very wrong. Your parents problems are not yours. So to prove a point to every one that said you were a geek and to the guys that said you were you think it will change any ones opinion of you. You will only alienate them more.

    Stop being a jerk and make something of your life...Do some volunteer work with kids and you'll see they are worse off than you. Be productive with your life. No guy wants a girl with a bad reputation after a while. Don't lower yourself to the gutter for a horny guy that already doesn't think much of you.

  • 1 decade ago

    you know its the wrong thing 2 do.. right?? but its that's i dint give a **** attitude that will lead u to do it!!! you are 15 way 2 young to be touching any guy!!! period if he wants a hand job he has 2 hands he does not need far as you looking cool in front of people !!!hahahaha u wont trust me!!! You just going to go from the wacko geek to the wacko geek who jacks guys in school!!! think about it and i would answer this with a big no no don't do it!!

  • 1 decade ago

    You know there is another thing going on in the background that will also be messing with your emotions and this is puberty. What with your parents break up and this there was bound to be a mix up in your life. What you have planed is not really going to fix anything and could only make things worse. Think things out before you act on them otherwise you could make more problems than you can handle. You have a whole life ahead so don't mess it up with a silly decision.

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