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What should I do these guys.?

Okay I kinda like my neighbor Alex* whose feelings are unclear for me and his friend Rick asked me out when I really like Ricks friend Marcus and there's Jose who likes me a lot Jose is the same age as me when the other three are one year older,Jose wrote me a letter saying he loves me a lot but he is very shy too. And Alex,Rick, and Marcus have the same advisory class so when I would talk to Marcus about things it would be awkward for Me,Rick,Alex,and Marcus. On Thursday there was a dance and me and Marcus kinda went together we hung out and kinda held hands and what people say we were almost gonna kiss which we weren't we kinda danced and on Friday Jose gave me the letter and the Thursday the week before Rick asked me out and the Thursday of the dance me and my neighbor had to play softball and we talked but rick was there and made everything awkward for me when he came up and put his hands on my shoulder with Alex looking. What should I do sorry if it was long. I'm completely stuck so stuck my friends who help me with everything can't even solve this problem!


There is also my bf who I went on a break with to ask out Marcus my bf is out of the country for vacation though and there's my ex whose still madly in love with me though we only went out for a week. My love life is so complicated!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    .Have fun growing up Jessica.Your only young once.Plenty of time for true romance later.At the moment though don't take things too serious

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