I'm bored...are you bored? How well known are you in the NB&B section?

I'm *sorta* new around here...and no, I'm not Nic, I'm not a troll...a lot of you knew me but I deleted my account today and restarted b/c of all this crap going on around here...
Update: not that all of the trolls around here are terrible...some of them are more annoying than anything but oh well...they do keep it interesting around here...
Update 2: I really wish I could rate y'all's answers...oh well...this being a level 1 again sucks!
Update 3: if I add your name...I *know* you...either have seen you around or you were one of my contacts or I really respected your answers...
Update 4: So far I know:
Alex loves his sweet potatoes
Georgia’s Ginger Mama
Diet C
Update 5: Brass Monkey
Mama Mia
Love my baby boy!
“Spoils” him ROTTEN!
Update 6: Fajina...you are not annoying...but you do keep life interesting...and you are good at what you do!
Update 7: MaMaBean
Update 8: now if I told you, what would be the point in me being a pesky level 1 again?

CLUE - I used to have a picture of our son with his little dark blue hat on...that's all I'm saying...
Update 9: This mommy makes pretty babies
Xanden Wyatt’s Mommy!
Update 10: Kelsey...yep...ok...now shush...
Update 11: I ♥ baby Dalton 5/26/07
Update 12: kk & kyky’s mom
» мαмα кαss ;
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