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How to establish and file for a LLC?

Hey guys,

I am staring an e-commerce site and I need the easiest and cheapest step by step process of establishing a LLC (Limited Liability Company).... Please help thanks. All suggestions are appreciated.

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    1 decade ago
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    If you are located in the U.S., a visit to your state's official Web site will explain how to file for LLC status. Look for the "starting a business" link.

    Several years ago, I followed the directions for LLC status on my state's Web site and had no problem setting this up. Now I pay a very small fee (extremely low) to the state each year to keep that status.

    Some states may not require a yearly fee. This is why it's important to review what your state requires.

    Good luck.

    Shirley George Frazier

    Author and Small Business Expert

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    1 decade ago

    After you have filed your paperwork with your state, you will also need to write an operating agreement (and just keep it on file). There are a number of templates available. The operating agreement is just a formalization of things such as what happens to the profits of the LLC, what happens to the LLC if something happens to you, and similar items. It should take you under an hour to do both the LLC paperwork and customize an operating agreement.

    Good Luck!

    Molly Donaldson

    PS: Once you have your LLC, you may want to get an EIN from the IRS so that you can establish business credit separate from your personal credit.

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