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Queen Charlotte I of the united kingdom?

I was wondering if any of you could give me detailed answers of what Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom, Queen Consort of George III's life would consist of? I mean from like getting up in the morning to going to bed at night. What would she do? Would she walk around with her ladies in waiting all day? Or could she just roam anywhere by herself? Much appreciated.


Please don't pliagiarise. That is illegal. SOMEBODY happened to steal wikipedia's text.

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    Queen Consorts of the United Kingdom don't have numbers for starters. And Queens Regnant don't get numbers if they're the only one of that name e.g Queen Anne and Queen Victoria don't get numbers as they are (so far) the only Queens of that name.

    She was a keen botanist and was also known to sing. She founded what is now Kew Gardens and knew JC Bach, Mozart and Haydn. She also supported the education of women which was unusaul for the day.

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    There has never been a Queen Charlotte I of Britain or the United have a number, one can NOT be a consort, but the MONARCH, and there has never been a Monarch named Charlotte of Britain or the United Kingdom (and I believe that under George III, it was still England)

    I doubt anyone "stole" Wikipedia's text...I'm sure they were simply pointing out that YOU should be doing this research, and that Wikipedia is a good place to start.

    No one here thinks that those who copy and paste from Wikipedia are claiming it as their own work. We know better.

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    She would not be likely to spend much time roaming around. She would be expected to supervise the upbringing and education of her numerous children (15 altogether I believe). She would attend formal occasions, probably have to meet a lot of people, etc. She was fond of the palace at Kew, in what are now Kew Gardens. She had a cottage there where she used to enjoy having picnics with her family (the cottage is still there). She took an interest in arts and crafts, and was a patroness to the potter Josiah Wedgewood, who in 1765 gave the name Queen's Ware to his simply decorated cream-coloured earthenware, which became very popular. She would also have to cope with the bouts of insanity that her husband suffered from.

    Source(s): Chambers Biographical Dictionary of Women
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    She had 15 children so she was busy with them. She was very fond of gardening and spent most of her time patronizing different artists.

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    She would not have had a Roman Numeral after her name, that's for sure.

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