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Dawn asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

Why doesn't society pay as much attention to mental health as they do to physical health?

Mental health generally has a lot to do with physical health anyway. And everyone usually has an issue, or two, they could work on. Poor mental health is probably the leading cause of divorce. Why is mental health basically ignored in society?

It may also be the only way to put an end to war on this planet, once and for all.


If everyone were required to go through a year of therapy... in high school... group therapy, if you will... wouldn't that alone lower the rate of crime?

Update 2:

Greed is an example of an issue that needs to be worked on by many people in powerful positions. It was that greed that put this economy in the poor state it is currently in. It has made the whole state of our economy "sick".

Update 3:

In my opinion, addressing ones mental health should be started early in life to AVOID mental illness to begin with. If anyone looks back on the history of mankind... poor mental health has been the cause of untold deaths but society as a whole just seems to ignore that.

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    Society tends to see people with mental illness as weak people instead of people that have harder lives then they have had. I think also people tend to fear what they don't understand and think they know best even though they are uneducated or wrongly educated people which is usually how people cause problems in the first place i.e. Vietnam war causing post traumatic stress disorder in the most Vets and now it's effecting their children which are now having mental health problems as well.

    The idea of every one being phyic evaluation was first thought of by Sigmund Freud (around 1900’s) to create a better world but it would be too hard to police. People’s basic civil rights would be challenged and there are many different organisations that look out for that sort of thing. The cost in dollars and man power not mention what it will do to someone being and doing the forced treatment and time.

    Time will tell if they do it but the main thought on it may be part of what where doing on this earth and each person goes though life with a reason many famous people have a mental illness and what they went through maybe why they are now good at what they do.

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    You know, this is a good question. I would suppose it's because their is a stigma that mental health issues get in this country because the brain is an organ that is not easily understood by the general masses. Behavioral issues seem to be thought of generally as something that is "your fault" as apposed to being an illness like heart disease which is thought of as no one's fault. If a woman has mental health issues from being raped by her father when she was young and these issues lead to her becoming a prostitute or a porn actress then she is just labeled as a common tramp and everyone moves on without thinking to address the underlying cause of the behavior. However, if a man smokes, binge drinks, and eats Mcdonald's cheese burgers for 40 years and then comes down with cancer. Then for some reason this man should be allowed all the attention and research in the world. It seems to me that the former example at the root is caused by something that happened against a person's will, while the latter example is caused by choice. Yet we seem to be so much nicer to the person that makes a bad choice. Now of course, the latter example of poor eating habits and smoking probably stem from the way that person was taught to live by their parents and can really be considered a behavioral issue at the heart of it as well, it just seems to be that some behavioral issues are more common and popular and tend to get more positive attention and research done as a result. I agree with you on the point that mental health needs to be addressed very early and more research needs to be done so that some of these bad choices can be averted. Imagine if we were able to drive down health costs by introducing a pill that made people want to quit smoking and quit eating crap all day. That would save us money in the long run on cancer treatments and diabetic treatments and make us all better off.

  • AlJo
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    It's just so damn hard to study how the mind works if you compare that to the study of how the body works. Also, problems with the body are much more obvious than problems with the mind. The brain may, in fact, be the most complex organic structure we know of. We still only understand it at the empirical level. We can't directly answer basic questions like "why does one person think like that and another like that?" and "why is one person smarter than another?" and "why did this person become a drug addict and this person not". The study of mental health isn't ignored, it's just that it's a very complex and incomplete science.

    It is also very short sighted to blame poor mental health for wars. Wars are complicated affairs involving the clashing of differing cultures, economies, geographies, etc... Poor mental health of some parties involved in wars may play a role but it is usually a small one.

    And greed is not usually an example of poor mental health. We all want more and better for ourselves and our loved ones. Every so often, too many people wanting the same thing causes disruptions in society but that's not a mental health problem.

    The current economy is in its current state not because of greed but because people in charge refuse and have refused for years to address growing problems in the economy. But nobody wants stop people from making money while they are making money.

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    i agree with you. people have no understanding of how to channel their emotions and can become erratic in their behaviour, depressed, manic, or any other means really.

    this goes for almost everyone. ultimately it can end up in some form of self destruction through drugs, substance abuse, alcoholism, suicidal feelings and/or self harm.

    Let me tell you a bit about myself.

    My family has a history of mental disorders. I'm a 14 year old girl, and, i myself don't know how to channel my own feelings, therefore i am a cutter.

    My dad suffers from depression, which has ultimately put the family in an awkward position. my parent's marriage is on the line at the moment.

    I honestly don't know how to deal with it!

    Right, some people who might read my reply might think any of these things:

    this girl isnt actually 14 (i can assure you i am)

    or this girl is an emo (i am not)

    or this girl is an attention seeker (in actual fact i hate attention seekers)

    the reason i come across as so mature is i have had an awful lot of experience in my life so far... not going into any details.

    I have looked up so much about mental disorders because when i am older i would love to be a psychiatrist.

    I think group therapy in schools would do people the world of good. it would definately lower the amount of mental problems people have.

    one of the things that annoys me is the way when a person expresses sadness through tears, others don't know how to react.

    some people stand there like a lemon, others over cuddle and there is a huge mix up in society that needs to be changed in my opinion.

    thanks for putting this question up - it has helped me to channel my opinion and get a lot of things off my chest!

    god bless you all xxx

    Source(s): me and my scarrs of life
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  • Anonymous
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    I think that because there isn't always a physical manifestation of mental illness, it's a lot easier to ignore. Also, there are huge social stigmas associated with mental illness- if someone said they had some kind of cancer, many people would feel compassion and sympathy for that person. However, if someone were to tell you that they suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, would you feel the same way towards them as you would the previous case?

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    People fear mental illness - it is a taboo subject as people believe it is a sign of weakness to be mentally unwell and even more of a weakness to say so. With this as a general attitude society is fearful of paying much attention to it. I myself as a sufferer am very open about my condition....this does not always work in favour. I often ponder what the world would be like if people were able to talk about their emotions openly.

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    this is an easy question ..

    if you'd grow pimple on your face .. why would you wash it with facewash or some lotion? .. why wont you fix the problem from the core ? .. like taking care of the skin .. more likely internally ..

    people perceive what is outside rather than what is inside .. if you can smile avoiding the trouble you are going through inside .. so much the better .. nobody's ever gonna bother to know what's in .. outside is all that matters ..

    im glad there's this kind of questions on yahoo ..

    im 17 and i go through a lot of depressions too ..

    recently my grandmother left me to go to london to live with his son and family .. actually i advised her to go so that she can have a break and now i realize how much i love her and want her to be beside .. well, if she knows it .. she's gonna be hurt ..

    right this moment many would think this is pathetic .. but this is truth .. human emotions are incredible and people love this shelter .. my antidote to depression are my friends .. i have two really close friends and i talked to them about it .. and i feel good already .. so yeah ..

    you are thoughts are great .. but wait .. if you think can to this extent i think you can help others too .. you can open an anonymous blog to share problems and solutions .. otherwise you can yourself counsel your nephews or nieces or neighbors .. i hope you'd invest your thoughts

    wishing you the best of lucks!


  • bj_dj
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    it's what causes the mental health issues thats in need of attention. dysfunctional crime for example, child sex offenders, imagine the consequences to such a crime was instant death penalty...bet the statistics would drop rapidly both in mental health problems and in the crime itself. it's one messed up system when it comes to law and order. such crimes of this kind is a growing concern,they are pre meditated acts, how many offenders do think would have second thoughts knowing if they were caught out it would mean them losing their life? these devastating crimes will continue to happen because society allows it to exist along side our children when its clearly unacceptable behaviour. children would respond far greater in recovery to these unfortunate experiences. whilst at the same time instilling the fact that child sex offences no longer exist wiping offenders out as the crime occurs would be the most effective punishment given all round,a drop in crime rate that of mental health problems.

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    I agree with you. I think more attention should be payed to mental health. Just look at how many people suffer from anxiety and depression these days. It almost seems like more people suffer from bad mental health than physical.

    i also gree with the fact that peole should be taught how to deal with others around them in poor mental health. People should be taught how to deal with tears, ect.

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    I totally agree with you, but it's like this because everything is based on looks and that's their mentality. Outer appereances sell, what's on the inside (feelings, emotions, etc) is pushed aside.

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