Drug Testing: How long would THC theoretically stay in my system?

I am 5'11 and weigh 160 lbs. So I have a BMI around 22-23.

I exercise every weekday (running and some strength training), so I think I basically burn a lot of calories and break a good sweat.

I drink up to 64 fl oz (2 qts.) a day of water.

So I have a relatively fast metabolism and clear out my urine till it's clear everyday.

So far this summer I have smoked marijuana maybe once every other week. (no chronic or killer). And during the school year I smoked maybe once a month.

So how long would the THC theoretically stay in my system?

And I already smoked, I can't take it back at this point, so answers directed towards my question would be greatly appreciated!

I am aware that smoking marijuana is illegal and there are some health hazards, but I already did it. So thank you for directing your answer at the question. Thank you again.

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    Ok I will try to just get directly to the point on this one. I am a board certified toxicologist, so this is an area that I know a great deal about. You provided a lot of helpful information, however it is still not an exact science on how long the half life elimination of the drug from your system will be.

    Of couse the standard 30 day period is thrown out there, because that is the longest amount of time that it takes for almost anyone to clear THC out of the system after an exposure to the drug.

    One other thing that can throw a "wrench" into guessing whether you will pass or fail, is the type of instrumentation that the testing lab will be using to test your urine. If you go to a place that uses an "in house" test kit, then these kits use a procedure called TLC (thin layer chromatography) and they are less sensitive, so you have an easier chance at passing this type test. If you go to a place that collects your urine and then sends it out to a clinical testing lab, then it could be analyzed on a variety of different scientific instrumentation, such as a TDX instrument, a GC or a GC-MS (<---this one is the most sensitive and will pick up very trace amounts and is therefore very difficult to pass-however it is expensive to use, so most routine drug screens are not performed via this method).

    If this is for school, or for a job, and you have not yet had to go in and take it, then I would run down to your local drug store and buy a hom test kit. Go ahead and do the kit on yourself and see whether or not you pop a positive on that (this will be that TCLP type). If you pop a positive on that, then you have some worries and are going to need to do a lot of exercising, drink a lot of water and stay away from fatty foods until the test, and you may squeeze by. If you do not pop a positive, then I would still err on the side of caution and steer clear of fatty foods and keep that metabolisim up and you should be fine. Do not even bother with any of that cleansing stuff if your urine is being sent out to a lab, because it will not fool a GC, TDX or GC-MS.

    Source(s): Phd Toxicology
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    That's fairly infrequent use. To be safe stop about 2 weeks before a drug test but you should be ok in 6-8 days.

    Source(s): thought I should mention I have personally passed one in FAR less than a month. also, if you're even remotely nervous you can use anything like Royal Flush to flush your system...it's like $35 and you will pass. You can find it in a smoke/head shop.
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    Detectable for about a month; and the THC isn't what'll hurt you, that actually is proven to kill cancer cells, but things like Amonia and Hydrogen Cyanide which is a deadly poison will, so be careful there.

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    about 30 days.

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    it stays in your blood system for thirty days no matter what you are or how much u are are what ever kids dont do drugs

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