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My 1 year dog has suddenly started chasing cars. What to do?

She won't let me catch her to chain her as a punishment, won't obey the 'stop' order. It seems to have something to do with the engine sound, as she only rushes at the front bumper of certain cars at a certain speed. If she startles the driver enough to wreck their car, I'd had to pay for repairs, let alone if she kills someone or herself. I live in 'horse and buggy' area on a side road and none of the other dogs in the area are tiled up full time. She's a jack russle/black lab (father: lab).


OK ! I get it. I know it's me, not the dog! I just don't know how to train her. She's associated a leash as a punishment. I had a stroke in 2003 and frankly, I forget to do the same thing twice as to training. She only does it when I'm outside in the flowerbed, right next to the road. I assumed it had to do with portecting me, or hoping the car would stop to visit us. Either way I have to figure out to stop her.

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    Very simple.

    Dog not allowed outside unless on leash

  • Anonymous
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    Make sure you have a ball or some other toy for the dog to chase. A ball will also be a distraction.Put the dog on a lead near roads until it gets older. A lot of breeds are hyperactive for the first 2 or 3 years of their life and do all sorts of daft things. Remember if you dog is going away from you best not to follow but to keep calling and walk in the opposite direction to get it to come back.

  • Maxi
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    Would you 'allow' yourself to be caught and tied up as punishment?

    If it is as big an issue as you say ( and it is) then spend some time and train her, go to training classes, this dog is bored and making a game for itself, she is not a natural herding dog so it isn't something like that you can blame...............it's you and your not training her.

    I too live in horse riding and carriage horse country, hourly having them come by, have 10 dogs and some are border collies, who are natural herding dogs and in fact trained to the sheep and geese, non are on 'chains' all stay on the property which is cornered by two roads, never have they chased, barked maybe as puppies but that was quickly stopped by spending time training them

    Source(s): Animal behaviourist
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    you shouldn't have to catch your dog to chain her up, this should not be happening in the first place. why is your dog not in a securely fenced yard, or in a dog run if you're on a farm? if she is outside your yard, keep her on leash until you have perfected your recall command.

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  • grecco
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    the final concern to do could be to call all the community vets and shelters in the section to verify if anybody got here across him, if not you may positioned an upload in the paper and posters and flyer around the place the canine went off to, and in any close city/ city/ busy section around too. he in all possibility observed a squirrel or bunny and went to get it. my canine has completed this earlier so it does take place in many cases. basically save finding and attempt to place as many flyers along with his image and your information. wish you detect him quickly!

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    You need to train your dog and not let her run around untied until she learns that chasing cars is bad.

  • You should try keeping it away from cars.

    And hold her collar or leash so she wont go near one.

    And praise her when she doesn't chase after one so she gets the point.

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    jack russels are crazy.they chase anything they like.soooo....get it hooked on smth else.

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