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graduation party--what to wear

I'll have a graduation party later. The temperature should be around

20 °C. The party is just semi-formal so dressing up just a little is fine. Here's some of my info:

Gender: F

Height: 5'3(160cm)

Size: S

Shoes to match with: flip flops/ flats/ sneakers (coz the party is held in a foreign country and I can't bring too many pairs of shoes)

The outfit should not be too revealing or mature since I'm a student.

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    OK, here goes

    Grad party in a foreign country...

    The first no-no is the sneaker/ flip flop thing, unless you want to flop your whole looks and break the dress code of being semi-formal.

    Before i csn even begin to style you, i need to know whether you're feminine or not, etc.

    So, LBD is always in style .(LBD= little black dress) lengths from middle of your upper this to a little below your knees are good. But if you think you are sickof black, then get a cocktail number, in vibrant colours like red or sapphire, etc. Spaghetti straps are too common in these events so i suggest off- shouler dress like those 一字領 favoured by Dior. As for shoes, bring a pair of kitty heels if you cant walk in high heels, ballet flats or ballet flats with kitten heels are respectable in occasions like these, but they wont scream for attention.

    Accessorize with a "diamond" bracelet or two, i love those classic types with a thin row of small white stones. And you'll be good to go.

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