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    Spot : You?

    The young man : My Lord !

    Spot : I told you to return to Spotter (name of the city). Why did you leave Soptter unprotected?

    The young man: no more.

    Spot : What tragedy is this?

    The young man : Sorce (name of the giant), he came under the poke of darkness into the Spotter.

    . ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The young man (recalling) : You, keep watch.

    . ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    The young man (talking to Spot ) : And the people cried out for you. They beg for their gods to save them, but you didn't come.

    . ............

    The young man : I was left with no choice. I had to seek out the sisters to change the fate of our be loved Spotter.

    The young man : For them all that is left... [coughing....]

    Now you, our hope is left. I have faith that our brother as Spot... will live on for the true...god of war. [coughing.... and died]

    Spot : Sooth!!! Is this how you face me!? Coward!!!

    Spot : I am due to beat another god!! [the monster showing up]

    Come down here and face me now!!! Sooth!!

    . --------------------------------------------

    Spot : the leader of the city of Spotter; the lord of the city of Spotter

    Sorce : the giant

    Sooth : Spot's enemy (the enemy's leader)


    poke of darknss - the night has been guarded by soldiers; in the darknss of heavy guard of soldiers

    I am due to... - my life is meant to...; my fate is to...; ...(something)... is what I am living for;... is my responsibility

    ... is no more - ... is destroied; ... is not exist any more; ... is dead

    Hi! Sorry, I don't know how to type Chinese. Hope this is not too difficult for you to read.

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    【Pcwzion】 excellent~~~!!

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    這麼辛苦的工作才給20點= = 在外面都是有薪水的耶

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