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Any prominent MODERN Classical composers?

I've been learning pieces of the "old" greats but I decided to take a peek around our current generation of composers.Yiruma does not count I assure you(especially those fanatical fans of his)

I only know that modern classical music has been transformed to a really dissonant state but I don't anything above that.

Anyone care to suggest?

Update: many composers...I'll take my time.

Update 2:

Hmm...didn't expect that Beethoven and Mozart were considered dissonant during their day,nice info Petr...

But dissonance has really evolved to a stage where I can't tell if its meant to be MUSIC or ART.

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    There really aren't many musicians today who compose in the classical style.

    I recommend the soundtrack of "Schindler's List" scored by John Williams. It's a very beautiful soundtrack. Also check out "Standing Stone" by Paul McCartney - it's not really classical, but it is orchestral.

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  • petr b
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    You will find that consonance is back with a vengeance when you listen to most of the music of Avro Part, and a good deal of John Adam's music is resolutely tonal. Ditto Michael Torke.

    Steve Reich is (to my ears) a much more interesting and musical composer than Phillip Glass; Reich is also a milestone / mainstay of the 'minimalist' school.

    David Lang is another American composer who remains primarily very tonal.

    Tonality never went away, really, as much as it quite naturally expanded. It is generally agreed that Schoenberg's twelve - tone system was a direct result of the increased chromaticism of later Romantic music. The system was given the horrible misnomer of 'Atonal.' Those naming it meant it merely did not adhere to the common practice 'rule' of Dominant / Tonic, which had been undergoing heavy revising from the beginning of the romantic era, i.e since middle to late Beethoven!

    You should listen to Stravinsky's 'Apollo,' for string orchestra ~ just to hear this lush 'Neo-classical' and very tonal music, and to know he wrote differently than Le Sacre du Printemps.

    All dissonance is relative. Mozart and Beethoven were considered dissonant in their day.

    best regards, petr b.

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    John Adams

    Arvo Paart

    Pierre Boulez

    They are probably the most well know modern classical composers

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  • 4 years ago

    S.P. Somtow is I think from Singapore, an avant-garde composer whose most famous work is the Cosmic Trilogy. He also writes SF.

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    Nobuo Uematsu, a video game composer, definitely has classical influences in his pieces. Coming from Japan, the man has written for many types of genres. Perhaps you'll like him.

    Source(s): Great fan of Uematsu's work.
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  • Anonymous
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    Eric Whitacre is a BRILLIANT choral composer if you are into that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    arvo part

    eric whitacre

    john rutter

    john tavener

    benjamin britten

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    1 decade ago

    philip glass

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