how long does a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) session take? normally?

can anyone help cause i have no idea about this game ? so please help

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    Most of these answers are right. However, a good rule of thumb is about 4 hours. That's the general guide that most convention events try to run. This allows for say a session to start at say 1pm and end by 5. Or 12-4. To short and sometimes the game can feel rushed, and too long and people start to lose focus.

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    Dungeons And Dragons Session

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    I've had sessions where we only played for an hour. On the other hand, it is entirely possible to have day-long sessions if the group has the free time and endurance for it. (Breaks are a MUST.)

    Combat tends to take a lot of time. The more units there are participating in the battle the longer it goes. Experienced groups who use shortcuts tend to play faster.

    Favorite Shortcuts: Roll attack and damage dice together. Know what you're going to do on your turn. Help the DM by dividing duties. (Discuss that last one with your DM, he may have certain ideas in store that don't allow it or only allow it sometimes.) Of course, the preparation of the DM is a HUGE factor.

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    A DnD session can be as long or as short as the party chooses. My team usually plays for about 5 hours but have been known to start early or stay late when possible and sometimes play for 8 hours.

    The trick is to time it to match the attention span of the group, allow breaks, and start and stop a pauses in the story and action. After a few sessions the group will find its comfort zone. Enjoy!

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    you can play as long as you want to! That's the beauty of an open-ended game. Just tell your DM how long you have available so he can pace himself. My limit is about 12 hours, my shortest real session went about 4 hours.

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    That is entirely dependent on what your dungeon master decides. I've had games finish under an hour, and others requiring multiple meetings. When you are starting out, they tend to be rather short.

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    That is a good point

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