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Who do you think the better pitcher is..... Adam wainwright or A.J. Burnett?

i think adam wainwright is because he has better stuff and he has a better era and he just seems to pitch good almost every start and is so consistent.

what do you think??

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    A.J. Burnett in his early years was awesome, now he's a good consistant pitcher... Adam Wainwright is starting to show that he's a top notch pitcher and I'd prefer him on my team this year and years to come.

    Adam Wainwright

    2009 Stats: 9-5, 3.09era, 122.1ip, 110k, 45bb, 0cg, 0sho)

    Career Stats: 36-21, 3.39era, 533.1ip, 409k, 172bb, 2cg, 0sho)

    A.J. Burnett

    2009 Stats: 8-4, 3.77era, 107.1ip, 101k, 53bb, 0cg, 0sho)

    Career Stats: 95-80, 3.81era, 1483.2ip, 1379k, 621bb, 19cg, 9sho)

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    Gotta go with Wainwright. But for the record, we must keep in mind that AJ Burnett is pitching in Yankee Stadium where long balls leave hte ballpark more often than a little league field. Heck when the little leaguers go and play, they actually have to move the fence back a few feet.

    BUt Wainwright is more consistent overall. Although I really do like Aj Burnett as a pitcher and do think he actually have the better stuff between the two. I could imagine Burnett throwing a perfect game before Wainwright.

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    I thought Burnett was going to be a beast but he is in New York and that's never an easy place to play. Wainwright was the surprise of the pitching world, and he's having a great season with a great pitching staff, with Carpenter, and Pineiro. And I'm admitting this, being a huge Cubs fan.

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