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Greatest Quarterback in each team's history?

Who's the greatest QB in each franchises history? Be sure to base it off of what that QB did as a member of that team. In other words, don't list Joe Montana as your pick for the Chiefs since he was only with them for two seasons and didn't accomplish much as a member of that team. And if you're unsure about a team, just skip them. I'll post my picks later.

Teams that I left off: Texans, Panthers, Bucs and Jaguars - I left these teams off either because they have a short history or because they've never had any notable QBs






























Edit: Should've left off the Ravens since they've only been around 13 years.

Patriots: Tom Brady

Jets: Joe Namath

Bills: Jim Kelly

Dolphins: Dan Marino

Steelers: Terry Bradshaw

Browns: Otto Graham

Bengals: Boomer Esiason

Colts: Johnny Unitas

Titans/Oilers: Warren Moon

Cargers: Dan Fouts

Broncos: John Elway

Raiders: Ken Stabler

Chiefs: Len Dawson

Eagles: ???

Cowboys: Roger Staubach

Redskins: Sammy Baugh

Giants: Y.A. Tittle

Vikings: Fran Tarkenton

Packers: Brett Favre

Bears: Sid Luckman

Lions: Bobby Layne

Saints: Archie Manning

Falcons: Bobby Hebert

Rams: Norm Van Brocklin

Seahawks: Jim Zorn

49ers: Joe Montana

Cardinals: Jim Hart

Update 2:

Edit: My pick for the Eagles is Donovan McNabb.

Update 3:

Why isn't anyone saying Sid Luckman for the Bears? Dude's in the HOF.

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    Patriots: Tom Brady

    Jets: Joe Namath

    Bills: Jim Kelly

    Dolphins: Dan Marino

    Steelers: Terry Bradshaw

    Ravens: Vinny Testaverde (franchise record for yards)

    Browns: Otto Graham

    Bengals: Ken Anderson

    Colts: Peyton Manning

    Titans/Oilers: Warren Moon

    Chargers: Dan Fouts

    Broncos: John Elway

    Raiders: Ken Stabler

    Chiefs: Len Dawson

    Eagles: Donovan McNabb

    Cowboys: Troy Aikman

    Redskins: Sammy Baugh

    Giants: Phil Simms

    Vikings: Fran Tarkenton

    Packers:Brett Favre

    Bears: Sid Luckman

    Lions: Bobby Layne

    Saints: Drew Brees (sorry, I just think Archie Manning was overrated, and Brees will be known as the best QB in franchise history once his career is over)

    Falcons: Steve Bartkowski

    Rams: Norm Van Brocklin

    Seahawks: Jim Zorn

    49ers: Joe Montana

    Cardinals: Jim Hart

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    Patriots:Tom Brady

    Jets: Joe Namath

    Bills: Jim Kelly

    Dolphins Dan Marino

    Steelers:Terry Bradshaw



    Bengals: Boomer

    Colts: Johnny Unitaus

    Titans/Oilers: Warren Moon

    Cargers: Dan Fouts

    Broncos: John Elway

    Raiders: Ken Stabler

    Chiefs:??? Trent Green

    Eagles: have no idea

    Cowboys: Troy Aikman

    Redskins: Sammy Baugh

    Giants: Y.a Tittle

    Vikings: Tarkenton

    Packers: Favre

    Bears: ???

    Lions: ???

    Saints: Archie Manning

    Falcons: Bobby Herbert

    Rams: Marc Bulger

    Seahawks: ???

    49ers: Montanna

    Cardinals: Hart

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    Patriots-Tom Brady Cowboys-Roger Staubach

    Dolphins-Dan Marino Redskins-Sam Baugh,S Jurgensen tie

    Bills-Jim Kelly Eagles-Randall Cunningham

    Jets-Joe Namath Giants-Y.A. Title

    Chargers-Dan Fouts Cardinals-Jim Hart

    Broncos-John Elway 49ers-Joe Montana

    Raiders-Ken Stabler Seahawks-Jim Zorn

    Chiefs-Len Dawson Rams-Norm Van Brocklin

    Steelers-Terry Bradshaw Vikings-Fran Tarkenton

    Browns-Otto Graham Packers-Bret Favre

    Bengals-Ken Anderson Bears-Sid Luckman

    Ravens- Joe Flacco Lions-Bobby Layne

    Colts-John Unitas,Peyton Manning tie Saints-Archie Manning

    Jaguars- Mark Brunnell Falcons-Bobby Hebert

    Texans- David Carr Bucaneers-Doug Williams

    Titans-Warren Moon Panthers-Steve Beuerlein

  • Pittsburgh: Terry Bradshaw

    Baltimore (colts): Unitas

    Cleveland: Otto Graham

    Cincinnati: Boomer Esiason

    Indianapolis: Peyton Manning

    Tennessee: Warren Moon

    Houston: N/A

    Jacksonville: N/A

    New England: Tom Brady

    Buffalo: Jim Kelly

    New York Jets: Joe Namath

    Miami: Dan Morino

    Denver: John Elway

    San Diego: Dan Fouts

    Oakland: Ken Stabler

    Kansas City: Len Dawson

    Arizona: Kurt Warner (superbowl?)

    Seattle: Jim Zorn

    St. Louis:

    **** this you have all the same answers as me

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    A great QB, Top 20 all time, not greatest ever. With 45+ years of watching the NFL here is my Top 5: 1) Elway 2) Marino 3) Unitas 4) Staubach 5) Montana To Willy - talk about a R-Tard - Elway never lost 4 SBs, he was 2-3 in the 5 SBs he appeared in and the first 3 Denver would have never even been there if it hadn't been for Elway. He carried those 3 teams to the SBs. The 5 I listed as the best could carry a team all on their own talents. Favre is a great QB but never has had that talent.

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    Patriots: Brady

    Jets: Namath

    Bills: Kelly

    Dolphins: Marino

    Steelers: Bradshaw

    Ravens: ??? McNair, I guess

    Browns: Graham

    Bengals: Esiason

    Colts: Unitas currently. Manning some day.

    Titans/Oilers: Moon/ Oilers McNair/Titans

    Chargers: Fouts

    Broncos: Elway

    Raiders: Stabler

    Chiefs: Dawson

    Eagles: Van Brocklin haha I refuse to say McNabb!

    Cowboys: Staubach

    Redskins: Baugh

    Giants: Simms I guess

    Vikings: Tarkenton

    Packers: Favre

    Bears: McMahon???

    Lions: Bobby Layne, I guess.

    Saints: Archie

    Falcons: Steve Bartkowski

    Rams: Warner

    Seahawks: ??Dave Krieg, I guess.

    49ers: Montana

    Cardinals: ??

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    Patriots:tom brady

    Jets: joe namath

    Bills: jim kelly

    Dolphins: dan marino

    Steelers: terry bradshaw

    Ravens: they havent really had a great quarterback

    Browns: otto graham

    Bengals: glenn cook until he got injured

    Colts: Johnny unitas or peyton manning

    Titans/Oilers: warren moon

    Chargers: dan fouts

    Broncos: john elway

    Raiders: ken stabler

    Chiefs: len dawson

    Eagles: randal cunningham

    Cowboys: roger staubach

    Redskins: sammy baugh

    Giants: y.a. tittle

    Vikings: fran tarkenton

    Packers: bart star or brett favre

    Bears: sid luckman

    Lions: bobby lane

    Saints: drew brees

    Falcons: mike vick

    Rams: kurt warner

    Seahawks: matt hasselbeck

    49ers: joe montana

    Cardinals: charley trippi

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    Arizona Cardinals - Warner

    Atlanta Falcons - Bartkowski

    Baltimore Ravens -

    Buffalo Bills - Kelly

    Carolina Panthers -

    Chicago Bears - LOL!

    Cincinnati Bengals - Esiason

    Cleveland Browns - Kosar

    Dallas Cowboys - Aikman

    Denver Broncos - Elway

    Detroit Lions -

    Green Bay Packers - Favre

    Indianapolis(Baltimore) Colts - Manning

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Kansas City Chiefs - Dawson

    Miami Dolphins - Marino

    Minnesota Vikings - Tarkington

    New England Patriots - Brady

    New Orleans Saints - Brees (will be when he is done)

    New York Jets -

    New York Giants - Sims

    Oakland(Los Angeles) Raiders - Stabler, maybe Plunkett

    Philadelphia Eagles - McNabb

    Pittsburgh Steelers - Bradshaw

    San Diego Chargers - Fouts

    San Francisco Giants - i think you mean 49ers? Montana

    Seattle Seahawks - Kreig, better #s than Hasselback

    St. Louis(Los Angeles/Cleveland) Rams - Warner

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Tennessee Titans(Houston Oilers) - Moon

    Washington Redskins - Theisman

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    Norm Van Brocklin for the Eagles

    Bob Waterfield or Roman Gabriel for the Rams.

    Sid Luckman BY FAR for the Bears. He was one of the best ever.

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    bills..........jim kelly



    ravens.......harbaugh (not a lot to choose from there)




    titans/oilers...warren moon



    raiders......the snake


    eagles.......mcnabb/cunningham this was a tie for me

    cowboys....aikman, i guess.

    skins.........doug williams


    vikings.......old school pick here. tarkington


    da bears....mcmahon


    saints.......archie manning, for now, brees soon tho.

    falcons......matt ryan will be



    niners........i like steve young over montana by a slim margin

    cardinals....warner, for lack of any better options.

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