How come I have to start my internet with no add ons?

I recently go comcast internet for my computer. I have sooo many difficulties with this internet. I had att&t before. for some reason I have to start internet explorer with no add ons or else my computer will slow down, and it say connecting and never shows the web page I want to go to. I don't have a virus, because I installed norton 360 to my computer. I need help!

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    I'm assuming when talking about Comcast and AT&T you are referring to an Internet service provider (ISP).

    Using "Internet" as a noun for anything other than the actual global network of computers is a bad idea - this has made many famous people (notably George W. Bush and former Senator Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens) a laughing stock among computer geeks. I am not trying to make fun of you, obviously it happens - just warning you not to do it again.

    First, I will address the ISP issue. Internet service providers have nothing to do with a slow computer or malware problems - the speed of loading a Web site has nothing to do with the speed of opening your browser or its questionable add-ons.

    Second, I will address the browser issue. You say you are using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer tends to be slow, and the target of malware and hacking due to most computer nerds being driven by an insatiable hate for Microsoft Corporation I do not fully understand. I would suggest using Mozilla Firefox, it is growing in popularity and while not perfect, it's definitely better than Internet Explorer in the security, privacy, and speed departments. Firefox is a modern "spinoff" of the old Netscape browser, and rarely do Web sites (mostly financial and serious ones) require specifically Internet Explorer.

    You can download the freeware Mozilla Firefox here:

    There is an addon for Firefox which lets you switch back and forth to Internet Explorer within the same Firefox window. It's called "IE Tab" and it's very convenient:

    Finally, I'll address your anti-virus and add-on issues. I have no knowledge of newer Norton versions, as they seem to have lost their reputation and often required bizarre procedures if Norton screws up. However, anti-virus companies may charge you extra for certain features such as anti-spyware, spam filtering, and firewall protection. McAfee (which I use) has "AntiVirus Plus", "Internet Security Suite", etc.

    When dealing with spyware, another thing you may want to be aware of are conflict of interest issues:

    * Spybot Search & Destroy, a freeware product which does the job and does it well, was for years recommended by almost all the corporate names. When commercial anti-spyware solutions came out, all of a sudden Spybot S&D and its then-freeware competitor Ad-Aware got very bad reviews. Some of these (notably PC World's) were traced to rigged studies in which older freeware versions were compared to properly-updated commercial versions.

    * Microsoft's anti-spyware program, Windows Defender, does not cover certain spyware, most famously Gator/GAIN, due to a partnership.

    One important note: There are many free "anti-spyware" programs which are actually spyware themselves. Often these tell you that you have a (fake) problem, and then hackers get your credit card information when you are told to pay for it. Usually they are associated with the Vundo/Virtumondo trojan, which is difficult to remove and sometimes requires a complete wipe-out. Common names for these fake programs are WinAntiSpyware, WinAntiVirusPro, ErrorFix, and WinFixer2000. There are even impostor "Spybot" viruses!

    You can download the legitimate Spybot Search & Destroy here:

    Important: When given the choice, do NOT install TeaTimer or SDHelper. These features, which supposedly act preventively, can conflict with your existing anti-virus programs. Simply run Spybot every week or so, while remembering to keep it updated. And do use the built-in Immunize feature - that is preventive and does help.

    I wish you luck!

    Source(s): Ran a computer repair business for several years.
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    set it to run with add-ons.

    go-to start menu > all programs > accessories > system tools > internet explorer no add-ons

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