A child is severely injured by a teacher yet the teacher gets the sympathy.?

Why are people assuming the boy may have 'asked' for it or driven him to it?Should they not wait for the facts?

Update 2:

brm brm:you don't know that,you are presuming.Facts,pay attention to the facts.You wont find them in some rag of a paper.Wait and see what the courts say,surely.As for teachers,if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen,common sense.

Update 3:

Duchess;Exactly.Teachers have a stressfull time but should they still be there teaching when they've reached the point of being a danger to their pupils?

Was this kid unfortunate in his remark was the one that put him over the edge?Doesn't matter really.We none of us know the facts.The story could look completely different this time tomorrow.I think out of common decency we should all hold on judgement either way.

Update 4:

Pat z:you didn't however read the things written on yahoo answers tonight though,all heavily in sympathy with the teacher.Doh!

Update 5:

Shambles:I don't believe is not the same as I don't know.That's the whole point.People are rushing to judge and this child is being judged without the facts.He may well be a nightmare but equally he could be the one person who said the wrong the thing that pressed the destruct button on a mentally unstable individual.We don't know so we should not even offer an opinion at this point as it's pure conjecture.

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    1 decade ago
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    i agree no matter what happened the teacher was going to get the sympathy even if the teacher gets arrested or sacked, the general public are still going to assume the child done something to provoke it or maybe deserved it.

    its wrong the teachers should be treated like students if they do something wrong they should be investigated and dealt with and have no preferable treatment.

    and maybe the kid did deserve it who knows its only the teacher and the student know this.

    personally i think nobody should have a judgement on it as we only know what we see on the news and we all know the news does'nt even give us half the story.

    But ya i think the reason people automatically assume the kid deserved it is because of everyone's stereotypical view of young people these days which is wrong, as it is only a stereotype and means youths dont have a fair chance to fight their case in situations like these.

    and because of the fact teachers and people like them who are not working class seem to think they are superior in some way and so make it unthinkable that it could be the teachers fault.

    its wrong i know but what can you do.

    by the way is this about what happened in the school in manfield??

    Source(s): not long out of school myself
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When I was at school my science teacher had a complete breakdown and went mental. At home time he locked us in the lab and threw stools about. It was only by the grace of god that no-one got hurt. I mean leaving 13 year olds in a lab full of gas, etc alone . He was quietly removed the next day.

    Looking back though it was really dangerous and maybe teachers should have more rigerous mental tests because it is a challenging profession and someone with anger problems should not be in that position. Also if they are struggling surely there should have been some counselling available to help them rather than letting it get to this

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes we should wait for the facts. And if the pupil has provoked the teacher then he does indeed deserve some sympathy. Everyone can be pushed over the edge.

    Too much power has been taken away from teachers to keep order in the classroom over the last 30 years or so.

    The banning of corporal punishment in schools in the early 80s was a government response to a European Court of Human Rights case which, although in itself did not ban corporal punishment, would have made it acceptable for a parent to deny a school the right to administer it to their child. It would have presented an unacceptable position where some children could receive corporal punishment, and some could not.

    A teacher should be able to give a child a clip around the ear without fear of prosecution. Though obviously leaving the child critically injured is going much too far.

    One major problem is that if teachers have no power to keep order, and have no support from their employers, police, or the public, nobody will want to be a teacher.

  • Rosina
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    1 decade ago

    You could also ask why he has suddenly become a child and not an aggressive thug. Whether we like it or not something like this was bound to happen.

    For years we've been reading about unruly and violent pupils who terrorise their teachers, and who even target the homes of their teachers.

    A few teachers who taught me in the 40s and 50s were sadistic bastards but this is no longer true. They simply cannot get away with it anymore. The kids appear to have the upper hand.

    This is an extraordinary case but I would say to worried parents, worry about the pupils not the teachers. They haven't any authority at all and that is why this guy probably flipped. It's other pupils who do the bullying nowadays as we know.

    I do feel sorry for this teacher, something made him flip and we should be asking why.that happened.

    And why have other pupils stood up for him?

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  • Martyn
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    1 decade ago

    Like you said. We don't know what's happened. Did the teacher completely flip for something trivial, or did the pupil attempt to set fire to the classroom (for example)?

    No, it shouldn't have happened. But let's not get carried away taking sides. We'll all find out in due course.

    Whichever way up, that teacher's career's finished.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think I could be a teacher from the what I remember about the behaviour of children in my school. Still, the teacher should have had somebody else he could have called in if the children were getting out of hand.

    Still, the teacher should have been a mature adult, as the boy's mind wasn't properly developed and it's the job of adults to realise this and not stoop down to their level. What kind of example is it to teenagers to lash out like that?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think everyone needs to calm down and call off the lynch mob for now.

    who knows what actualy happened? Its all specualtion just now

    i refer you to an earlier answer of mine.

    From the little I know about this case it seems the teacher had had some time off for a stress related illness and had gone back to work before he was fit enough.

    My sister was a secondary school teacher for 8 years and had to give it up due to stress, its a tough job. I know for a fact I was a little shite at secondary school, (I'm not proud of it) and a teacher left because she couldnt handle it.

    Having both personal and professional insight into mental illness now, I accept these things can happen to teachers and parents alike. It doesn't excuse them, but I kind of understand.

  • ranay
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    1 decade ago

    Well what did the boy do to anger the teacher so much? Was he defending himself from the student because he had a weapon in his hand or what? As a 49 year old man, or let's just say an adult, he should have a little more patience at least to hold the student down and have someone call authorities if the boy was out of control. I can understand that kids (especially bratty ones) can piss off a adult, but c'mon, it should never get to the point where you beat them up until they are in a pool of blood. It's not worth going to jail cause a kid overworked your nerves.

  • Trev
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    1 decade ago

    I think that waiting for the "facts" is something that we should all do. The media like to sensationalize stories like this: their sales figures soar. The truth is actually quite irrelevant where there are profit margins to increase. As soon as I haerd the story I thought: What a load of crapp.

  • 1 decade ago

    well it depends what it is, if the child was rude to the teacher and the teacher hit the child well obviously that's wrong. if the teacher was playing soft ball and hit the kid by accident because the kid ran in front no one should get sympathy this kind of situation is an accident, its not like the kid MADE the teacher hid him/her. People assume the most ridiculous things by children, i would wait for the story not cheap and ignorant early conclusions.

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