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how to get fat and for how long?

and umm what do eat to accomplish that


how long do eat a lot before i get the right body weight for exercise. i really want to add some fats in my flat bum and hips.

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    do NOT start eating a bunch of McD's and other junk food or you won't look very good.

    This is what I would recommend doing:

    Eat a lot of whole grains.

    LOTS of protein.

    You should buy some muscle milk protein powder (I'm not trying to advertise it. This is just what I use and I know it works and also tastes good) and mix it with milk every morning for breakfast. (or other times of the day).

    1 scoop = 26 grams of protein

    Mix it with milk and you have 35 grams of protein.

    I like the chocolate or vanilla shake flavors best. Though you will want to use a blender or the powder clumps up.

    If that isn't working very well you should make a small protein shake to go along with your other meals.

    For your other meals eat a lot of LEAN proteins and make sure you combine the right foods so that you get COMPLETE proteins (ie. proteins that contain all nine essential amino acids). I wrote some more info. about complete proteins and how to get them at the bottom.


    Then WORK OUT!

    The best exercise to incorporate into your workout is parallel squat. This works out the major muscle groups in the body and stimulates the growth of new muscle (as long as the exercise is done with correct form). This is a core exercise so it is what you do first.

    If you do not want to do parallel squat then you should try wall sits and a lot of LUNGES!

    You could look up some more exercises online that work your butt and hips.

    This way, instead of getting flab on your butt and hips you can get muscle there.

    That way you will look very "shapely" and will look Great!




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    Source(s): . . Here's some more about Complete proteins. Getting these is very important if you want to get toned and fit. See, the human body produces 20 amino acids by itself, but there are 9 other amino acids (the 'essential amino acids') that we must consume through food. A COMPLETE PROTEIN is one containing all nine essential amino acids in the proportions required in the human diet. Generally proteins derived from animal foods (meats, fish, poultry, cheese, eggs, yogurt, and milk) are complete. Proteins derived from plant sources ("COMPLEMENTARY PROTEINS") must be combined to form a complete protein. There are 3 groups of foods with 'complementary proteins'. ----#1 - Grains (Barley, Amaranth, Bulgur (cracked wheat), Cornmeal, Oats, Buckwheat, Brown rice, Whole wheat pasta, Rye, Wheat, Flax seed, Millet, Couscous) ----#2 - Legumes (Any type of bean, Lentils, Peas, Peanuts, Chickpeas, Soy products) ----#3 - Nuts (Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pumpkin seeds, Other nuts, but NOT PEANUTS) You must combine one food item from one group with one from another to form a complete protein (ie. Grain and Legume, Legume and Nut, Nut and Grain) ***MEAL IDEAS: beans and rice, lentil soup with barley added into it, wheat bread with peanut butter, vegetarian chili with bread (if the chili has meat then you automatically have a complete protein and do not need to add bread). Again, Good Luck! :)
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    Use weight gainers. They are much safer than eating fast food non stop. Weight gainers may take a month or so but nothing will make you gain weight over night.

    Also, just because you want to have a larger butt and hips doesn't mean that is where the weight will go; look at your parents and grand parents, if they are heavy in their mid section then it is likely you will also gain weight in your stomach instead of hips and thighs. If they are more pear shaped then chances are you will gain weight there. Just remember putting it on is a whole lot easier than getting it off. Also, once a person starts gaining weight sometimes it is hard to stop. It changes some of the chemicals in your brain and causes your metabolism to change. You can really effect your health doing this.

    If you are going to do this, just be safe.

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    you dont necessarily want to get "fat" right? because that's not healthy.

    if you want a bigger bum and hips try toning your muscles that way it's not flabby..

    squats, lunges, etc..

    and eat protein.. but youre into that flabby *** thing, just eat a lot of mcdonalds?

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    Just eat whatever you feel like eating, especially twinkies, donuts, and McDonald's. NEVER exercise! Also, just like watch TV all day! lol

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    eat McDonald's everyday twice a day, never exercise, and eat a lot of peanut butter

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    you need to speak to a nutritionist for your body that you wish to gain and they will also give you ideas to accomplish your dreams take care.

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    eat mcdonalds it works

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    just eat alot and don't exercise.

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