How often are you barefoot in the summer?

I love to be barefoot, and it's either barefoot or flip flops for me in the summer. ;)

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    Almost always. Really the only time I put on sandles is when the ground is too hot or I am walking on something pokey (hard rocks etc). I LOVE BEING BARE FOOT! (c:

    • Gradually getting used to poking hard rocks (using slower stepping) or getting used to hot ground (by walking on and off the heat) eventually makes the soles used to rougher and hotter longer walks. Standing on hot ground will still be more difficult without a cooler surface or shade much sooner.

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  • CJ
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    1 decade ago

    Same as you :) I love being and walking barefoot, so it's barefoot as much as possible year round for me (rain or shine).

    Flip flops when I have to go to the store or something, and shoes and socks only for work.

    Walking barefoot is natural, healthy, mood enhancing, spiritual, grounding, sensual and fun!

    Shoes are grotesque and stifling.

    Bare feet rock!

  • I only go barefoot indoors and at the beach. When I was younger and used to go barefoot all the time I got ringworm, so now I protect my feet. Besides, I don't want to step in something or get stung by a bee.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think most people go barefoot in the summer i guess it all depends wear your going like i wouldn't go shopping with no shoes on but if im just at a friends or my house im usually walking barefoot. I don't usually wear shoes at my cabin either. im just saying

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    I'm always barefoot, summer and winter, unless I absolutely have to have shoes one. Then I just wear slip ons. I hate flip flops, eww, shower shoes. My husband calls me a hillbilly....

  • Elle
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    Barefoot is only good in the home. Outside, to many, bugs, rocks and other stuff to cut or hurt your feet on. I have slipper socks that look like ballerina shoes and they have skulls, got another, pair with stars. I wear these to the mail and quick trips outside. Protect your feet. Ever step on hot pavement? I like flip flops but being pregnant i tend to fall. Plus the cheap ones make annoying noises. Flip flops look horrible if they are dirty, old, or you need a pedicure. No one wants to see that it makes you look dirty and ungroomed. If you own white flip flops or light colored ones. Wash feet before putting on. Then when footprint becomes noticeable in them dispose and buy a clean new pair.

    • I regularly walk on hotter and hotter pavement, sometimes hot enough to get blisters on the soles. It's all about gradually standing for longer times and walking longer distances before needing shade from too much burning. Too much burning for hotter heat training would be the soles tingling burned.

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    im barefoot a lot too and when im not im always wearing flip flops

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    flip flops all the time, barefoot at the beach or home

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    Quite Often lol.

    I am either bare footed or in flip flops during summer :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    a lot, and yeah with me too, its either barefoot or flip flops:)

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