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Y&R: Just some odd and end opinions/questions?

Phillip - Is anyone else tired of the way he talks already, seems like he has dentures (which maybe true). Oh and him being gay, where did that come from?

Rafael/Adam - Is Adam now bi or what?

Ashley - Is she finally going to find out she isn't pregnant and had a miscarriage? God I sure hope so, I'm tired of this storyline.

Ashley/Sharon - How in the world our they due on the same date or close to it? I'm still trying to figure that one out...Ashley told everyone she was pregnant at Christmas and Sharon told everyone what like a month ago?

Mary Jane - When is everyone going to know what we know on who she is? Damn that girl is crazy.

Cane - What is going to happen with Cane now? His he going to leave the show or is there another storyline for him now?

Lily - Who thinks she is going to find out she is pregnant now? I really liked her and Cane together, I kinda hope she finds out she is pregnant by him.

Okay I can't think of anything else....if anyone can think of anything else they want to talk about or have opinions on go for it.

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    Phillip- did he say he was gay? if so, i missed it.

    Ashley- come on- that baby hasn't moved in how long? plus, she'd have horrible septicemia by now from not getting a D & C.

    MJ- crazy. she cracks me up talking to her dead kitty

    Cane-Lily will forgive him after she pouts and Neil yells at him.

    Lily-I like her and Cane together. She'll forgive him. That would be good for them to have a baby.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Adam is not bi. He is an opportunist. You'll recall he wanted Heather to come over to have sex immediately after he did the deed with Rafe. He most likely wanted to have sex with a woman to "wash the gay away" from the way he was so insistent that he and Heather have sex.

    2. Ashley will find out, but not just yet. Adam and this doctor have proven particularly adept at fooling both Ashley and Victor. Thta's not going to change quite yet. Sorry.

    3. You're right--Ashley and Sharon could not possibly be due at the same time. Ultimately it's not going to matter since we know Ashley is not pregnant after all. One wonders when Ashley is going to get smart and realize she should seek Olivia's advice, support, and medical attention.

    4. Mary Jane will continue to be a mystery for awhile yet too. One hopes Victor will man up and tell everubody what he knows and that he is responsible for her makeover and bringing her to Gneoa City. Can you just imagine the reaction of Paul, Jack, Nick, and Phyllis when he is forced to explain his role in all of this. Maybe Nikki's absence (caused by the upcoming temporary absence of Melody Thomas Scott due to a contract dispute that has been resolved but not before the writers had to do something to explain her absence) will be a result to something Mary Jane will do. Then Victor will have to answer from everybody including Victoria and even Katherine. That would be fun to watch.

    5. My guess is Cane will ultimately find a way to transform himself. He's really a good guy who wanted a family. Philip is the one who needs to continue to explain himself. I've heard Nina and Philip's son will soon be on the show. Could make for some interesting fireworks.

    6. Maybe Lily will find herself pregnant. I've heard the character will have a major health issue--ovarian cancer. If this is true, that's a good reason for Cane to stick around--show Lily and Neil he really loves her.

    Y&R is on a roll with some good stories. Too bad they can't find a way to bring Dru back to the show.

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  • 1 decade ago

    phillip -- well i dont know about anyone else.. but i like this story line.. it's one of the few that isnt so far fetched, and i saw it coming that he was gay, it just seemed right

    adam is NOT gay.. he is playing rafe so rafe will stop suspecting adam of setting of estella

    ashley/sharon... it is possible that sharon didnt know she was pregnant until now but may have actually been pregnant the same time ashley got pregnant... because it is nicks baby and they did sleep a while back

    mary jane - when? i'd say and hope pretty soon..

    cane - i really hopo everybody would forgive cane.. all he wanted was a the famly he never had growing up.. he never wanted the money or anything like that

    lily - i was thinking the same thing, about being pregnant.. and i like her with cane as well.. but neil is really pissing me off.. he will force her to ingore cane like he did with danile.. she need to realize that his kids are ADULTS and to let them make their own decisions and or mistakes

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  • 1 decade ago

    Philip: I really like him and where this storyline is going. Its a nice change

    Adam/Rafe: God get them out of here, I am so tired of Adam

    Ashley: She is one of the most annoying characters ever. And I am so tired of her and her pregnancy

    Ashley/Sharon: I think they are saying that to start a thing where Adam might steal Sharon's baby if they have the same due dates. And give it to Ashley, to cover himself

    Mary Jane: She is so crazy. I just want Jack and Paul to find out who she is so badly.

    Cane: I do like him truly. I doubt he'd leave, but I want him and Lily to work out.

    Lily: I bet she will be pregnant, and it will bring them together

    Amber/Daniel/Kevin/Jana: I love this group of friends, they are so funny.

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