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Help Homework ;) Best answer 10 points?

hey 4 our homework we have to watch school of rock and then design a band but i have no idea what to call it lol we are a pop band lol

best answer 10 points


i know in wrog section coz this is where most pple go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Errrm duno wt to call us the answers are nt that good soz pple

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    Why don't you call yourselves Monsoon. I called my band that when we had to do something about bands and the meaning we had was monsoons come and go all the time and in each place they hit, they've left there mark. Its perfect for bands.

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    The best way to find a band is to think about your personal experiences and work something around that...My friends and I made a band and when we were halfway through a song I said, "Right now, I'm on auto pilot." Our band name became "Auto Pilot." It is also fun to spend like an hour on band name generators (search google for one) and get examples...I like to mesh two generated names and make a different one.

    For pop, I'd pick a name with energy like G-force, Caffeine, or something under that roof of names. Hope this helps.

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    The Tops of Pop!

    Pop Lickin' Good!


    Natural Sounds

    Rhythmical Pop!

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    It would help to put some more information down like, is it an all girl band. What do you guys like?

    Band names are not that hard to come up, pick a noun add an adjective and VOILA! band name.

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    if it is a horror novel it could be red water, hinting there is blood in it. or there could be a load of hair in it, like in The Ring (film). if you haven't seen it, a lady is in a well and there is hair tangled in her fingers and she then finds a body. the stone that covers the well then closes over the top. seeing as the bucket is being pulled out of the well you can't say there is a body lol. something strange could be no water in the bucket but a bag of money. something thats on the nicer side =] hope i helped =]

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    Bad Misfortune!

    This was a fake band name I came up with in the 1990's. It is kind of funny because of the double negative.

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    You would want something catchy like:

    • Blue crush

    • Unidentified

    • Posh

    • Vogue

    • Radient

    • Eclipse

    *just something catching

    Hope I helped!

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  • Hi T
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    sex kittens

    jk jk

    i have no idea

    get an idea from something you're all into? e.g. if u all like fashion, sth to do with fashion

    hope this helps


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