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Are we all in agreement that Our Federal Government Here in the US is Bought and paid for by Lobby Money ?

and if so.. can we then agree also that Mussolini's definition of "Fascism" The merging of the Corporation and the State is accurate ?

In the United States

We are photographed and Video Monitored daily

Our Phone Conversations at work and at home are Monitored

Our Emails and other forms of electronic communications are Monitored

Our Buying and spending habits are Monitored

Our Basic Life Support mechanisms are Legislated but at the same time privatized. (Water/Food/Energy/Health Care)

Our Travel's are Monitored

The Only freedom we enjoy in this country is our choices of places to shop.. think about this. Depending on your level of income you are "allowed" to purchase "Things" that reflect that Income.. thus establishing your Caste within the Consumer society..

Just because You don't have Armed Troops kicking your door down, does not mean that you are not Imprisoned... you are.

We are "wage slaves" and those earnings are coming down for 95% of the Population.. wages have been dropping steadily compared to CLI for the last 35 years.. This is not disputed.

Our freedom of speech is the Lone Bastion of "Liberal" Freedoms left.. and thanks to the Patriot acts, Those too are Under attack.. How long before Questions like this, become infractions that warrant Jail Time?



Please Refrain From Obama and Bush bashing as they both serve this same agenda.

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    This is true of all governments in Western so called democracies. It has been a long time since the various parties in Western democracies actually represented the interests of the people they claimed to champion.

    The last one I can think of in my own country is the 1972-1975 Whitlam Labor Government. And alas I am slightly too young to have any real memory of what it was like to live under that system.

    But he introduced free University education for all Australian citizens, free Universal health care, he rebelled against the presence of American military bases and refused to relay Information from US spy satellites. He recognized that since we are actually very much a part of SE Asia...and this is who they were spying on...that these bases were quite contrary to the interests of Australians and our regional partners. He pulled us out of the Vietnam War within 24 hours of being elected, he scrapped The Draft. He redirected taxes from the corporate sector to finance the services he delivered to the people. he began for the first time a Native Land Title Program which saw the return of some tribal lands to Aboriginal people.

    And his reward for all this? The CIA conspired with our Commonwealth Head of State, The Governor General Sir John Kerr to sack his democratically elected government. Then Rupert Murdoch conspired with them a little more to embark upon a campaign of disinformation in the radio and television organs he had a stranglehold on to spread lies about his supposed economic mismanagement....and at the election of 1975 Whitlam was tipped out...and retired from politics...a disillusioned man,.

    Oh and there was another man of the people.....Salvadore Allende in Chile....murdered by CIA sponsored bombs in his own parliament, under the auspices of the Dictator Pinochet in Chile in 1974.At&T objected to his nationalisation of the Chilean Telephone company. And got Nixon to do their negotiating for them. It cost the lives of tens of thousands of Chilean students, priests, nuns and unionists...but AT&T made out like bandits.

    Many have learned since then...it is fraught with danger to go against the corporations and their morally bankrupt but terribly well armed soldiers of fortune.

    They may be more efficient at it with better technology...but they've been screwing us all for decades.

    Source(s): http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB8/nsaebb... The Falcon and The Snowman...Daulton Lee. The Whitlam Years: A Retrospect...Peter Ryan and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHY3vA1zKEw Vincent Linggiari was an Aboriginal elder who fought 8 years for his people to regain ownership rights to their own land. Whitlam is the Tall Stranger referred to in this song,who poured the "handful of sand" and by doing so, granted those rights...one of his last acts as Prime Minister. It's a movement which still struggles on in this country...but which has had few champions in Canberra since Whitlam was ousted by the CIA and its minions.
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    You actually answered the question yourself. Or part of it anyway. There would be no tax increase. That way parasitic politicians couldn't give themselves a raise everytime they put their hands in the cookie jar. Extra money???? That extra money actually devalues the real value of the dollar. It dilutes the monetary system, and the money isn't worth the paper it's printed on. It's all artifically inflated and is responsible for much of the recent inflation the nation and the world has experienced. Imagine one day, you will be tracked and drugged by the very government that takes your taxes today. You'll be forced to work crazy hours and given no freedom. You'll eat what they prepare and take (possibly at gunpoint) a cocktail of drugs that will keep you working for days without any sleep and then led back to your cell. The word production will have a new definintion. You will be surrounded by security/army personnal wielding super sophisticated, state of the art weapons, ready to kill anybody who decides to revolt. And when they finally decide you are no longer of any use to their society, you'll be put to sleep like a cat or dog. All this to benefit the ultra elite in America. If you look closely, slowly the changes are being made to make this nightmare come true.

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    Our freedoms have taken a beating. Unfortunately, from some of the responses you have gotten, you can see how brainwashed most of the people are, they don't even realize that their constitution has been circumvented and their individual rights are being violated. The powerful interests that control this country and government have successfully divided the people along party lines, classic 'divide and conquer' stratagem.

    Both parties are mirror images of each other and are tied together by powerful interests. There will either be a revolt (doubtful), massive support for a third party (like libertarians) or (likely) we will just continue to sink into a quagmire of more government control, intrusion, and diminishing freedom. Our individual sovereignty will continue to erode, all under the pretext of 'the common good', until prosperity and creativity grind to a halt.

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    This trend is due to the proliferation of technology that allows for monitoring and data mining. The fact is if you work for someone they have the right to monitor your activities at work. The monitoring of travel in towns, cities, buses, planes and trains is a world wide phenomenon for safety of all.

    It is difficult to justify the explosion of 'big brother'. I want to have freedom of speech. I also want control over my body and what is done or not done to it.

    This world economic crisis should create a whole new world of entrepreneurs and change the earnings for a lot of people in the world. The world must clear out a lot of dead wood that has stagnated economies and open up more creative business and industry. We cannot live with the status quo.

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    Exactly, well said! Finally, some people are aware of the lie we are sold. Lots of people still believe we are free, yet we are not really. We are prisoners taught to believe that we are free. How long if we carry on like this will it be I wonder before it becomes like George Orwells book/film 1984?

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    I just like the fact that the Fed hired lobbyists to swing senators into not voting for any type of transparency.

    It's all about how much money they can make, damn the rest of us.

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    Cool story bro

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    I completely agree with everything stated. Good post.

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    I tend to agree. This is a downside to technology.

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    Yes we have become a corporatocracy

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