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Where are the worst places to live in England?

try and be specific if you can like don't just say "Liverpool"


*most dangerous* i mean as a generalisation i repeat a generalisation

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    A lot of places have dodgy parts whether that be London, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Luton, Manchester, Liverpool, and on and on and on.

    Personally, having had experience of some of the above, I would say Canning Town in London... Silvertown, Prince Regent whichever bit is the worst, I neither know or care... it is a dreadful, horrible f***pit.

    Curious, why do you need to know?

    @PinkWhiteRed... for simple degradation... Plymouth outstrips most other parts of the country. It's simply grim as hell. If it were north of Watford or east of Swindon you would never hear the end of it on the News, but hidden away where it is, people leave it be. I go often and it is unbearably sad that such a historic and beautiful city has such a problem, it is where I was born (Beacon Park, Swilly, North Prospect, whatever they wanna call it) - used to live in the house on the corner of North Prospect Road and Beacon Park Road (it was Swilly when I was there, the name changes are indicative and quite important, shows how the problem is tackled, or rather dodged - you wont see Moss-side, St Pauls or Brixton getting name changes, but a new decade brings a new name for that part of Plymouth) and thankfully we moved when I was very young. Would be dead or in clink if we had stayed and if I'd grown up there, no doubt... truly a hideous f***ing hole. Crying shame. If you would rather live in Plymouth than Bristol, you can only have been to the Barbican and Hoe in Plymouth. Excepting the new development at the top end of town, the town centre is like stepping back into the 70's. Literally as though no time had passed since my childhood.

    That said, Canning Town is worse. It makes me shudder to think of it. The area between Canning town DLR and Prince Regent Road is a great advert for napalm.

  • Anonymous
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    Worst Place In England

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    Hmm there are many areas that are bad places to live in England, but you get that every where.

    It is interesting the reply you have from 'A New Leaf' - with a picture icon like his used it certainly discredits his overly passionate statement regarding Liverpool.

    Having both worked and lived in Liverpool and still having a strong working association with the city i have to say his statement is completely false, which is maybe not his fault.

    He clearly mentions Home office statistics which are stated on reportable crimes only as well as those caught.....WELL it is widely known having worked in the Police Force that Liverpool is one of the toughest cities for victims of crimes and witnesses to come forward, why? Because Liverpool's crime if more often than not committed by someone the victim/witness knows. Therefore the chances of repercussion are high as most crime is committed by well known/high profile groups or families. For this reason, MANY crimes go undetected and reported to the wrong channels. Other reasons why stats are so mismatched is because people only call the police for crime reference numbers only and not to register a crime. This is for their insurance companies only.

    Liverpool City Centre and SOME districts are very safe and affluent within Merseyside. However there are some places where we as officers some times dread going to.

    Shootings, stabbings and violent crimes are all UP in Merseyside as a lot of gangs are clashing across the city. Liverpool is a VERY VERY traditional and proud city and also very territorial which means more often than not these crimes are 'turf' war affairs and not 'traditional' violence. The city has always been like this and will never change.

    As a plus side the city is EXCEPTIONALLY friendly and a stranger will stop on the street to offer directions if lost etc. The people are NOT stupid and have a clear direction where they want their city to be and all work hard together to get it there. They did not win the title of European Capital of Culture for nothing!

    Sadly the police force in Merseyside are appalling and in some areas quite corrupt and so they hold the city back themselves, in other areas they are amazing!

    Liverpool has the largest student population in Europe with 5 different universities across the area. Many people return post grad to seek jobs within the area. So like other places in England Liverpool is 50/50 with good and bad

  • Anonymous
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    Merthyr Tydfill, Wales.

    Glasgow, Scotland,

    England, Manchester,

    Source(s): Why just pick on England?
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    Depends what you mean by worst. Merthyr Tydfil and Hackney are both awful places to live, but for slightly different reasons eg Merthyr Tydfil isn't massively dangerous but it's massively depressing (one report said a higher % of people are on sickness benefit there than anywhere else in Britain)

  • Obzi
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    I live in Middlesbrough and we were voted as THE worst place to live in the UK by the channel 4 tv show Location, Location, Location!

    They're 100% to start with, some of the evidence they used such as photos are years old and some of them not even of Middlesbrough.

    We have some amazing countryside on the doorstep, 10 minutes to the beach and it's a great night out.

    The place has good and bad areas and sure, our good areas are not as good as many other places but our bad are nowhere near as bad as many big cities.

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    Inner South London (Stockwell,Brixton,Peckham,Camberwell etc),

    Kentish Town (North London), Birmingham, Salford

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    That depends what your looking for in a place. For people sociability the South East of England. That is specific and you can include Essex, Surrey.

    Oh yes Merthyr Tydfill is the pits, just the atmosphere tells their story.

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    South and East London (London in General)

    Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester

  • Anonymous
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    i hear the gun and knife crime is an issue in manchester and london. I dont mean the high price inner city developments im talking about the outskirts where your drop outs get squeezed. wouldn't fancy any of those areas. Any area where there is a dence population and low employment has potential for trouble.

    Source(s): i have lived in north west london where drug, knife and gun crime was part of weekly life, even had a brothal on our road. was awfull. I have a friend who lives in manchester, said you cant go out on your own in some areas at night
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