Is there a formula feeding mommies support forum or chat room?

Or just a mommy chat room? Preferably one where breast feeders don't put up an eminence front?


Well, I asked a simple question yesterday and I had answers telling me to breastfeed:;_ylt=An.8L...

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    Eminence Front? That's what happens when you use too much of the white powder. We're not like that!

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    That would just encourage the seperation between us. I'm not a formula feeder, I'm a mother. Other than the odd rude comment, mostly from trolls, I'v had plenty of support with formula feeding issues and so has most of the other mothers I'v seen on here with formula feeding issues.

  • Awh, I'm so sorry someone made you feel bad. I have reported that question. It's totally unacceptable for ANYONE to make you feel bad about your choice of not breastfeeding!

    I'm sure your feelings of guilt have nothing to do with your defensiveness. I'm SURE you gave it your best shot. I find that the women who actually have tried breastfeeding, really tried, longer then 5 minutes, really don't feel guilty. They are completely comfortable with their decision to formula feed and are not bothered at all by breastfeeders. The moms that probably didn't try as hard as they thought they did... once they started talking to breastfeeders and listened to their horror stories about how breastfeeding was so hard for them, but they stuck it out.... they tend to be the defensive ones.

    But, you can't tell them that! It's a big secret, hush hush, you don't want to make them feel any worse then they already do!

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    i formula feed so if you have questions and i am on i can try to help! every mommy has a choice on how they want to feed their child. and we shouldn't have to hear breast feeding is better every time we ask a question about formula. moms who breast feed are great and moms who formula feed are just as great. we are moms at least we are feeding our babies that's all that matters. i get what you mean about breast feeding. i asked a question :;_ylt=AlFVS...

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    Hi i think thats unfair not all breast feeding mothers are like that.. I have breastfeed both my children and i dont push it or have opinions on others that dont.. i can do it easily my babies have taken to it but i totally understand that some mothers choose not to and thats your baby your choice.. i do however think its unfair that you see all breast feeding mothers that way as not all are like that!! I have never heard of a formula feeding chatroom but goodluck with finding one

    Source(s): Mitchell and Amelie's mum
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    You should check out "Circle of Moms." They have groups for everything you could possibly think of... I've really enjoyed it. You can set up a profile and invite other "mom" friends and join as many groups/communities that you want. The cite is below - it's affiliated with Facebook, but you don't have to have an account to use it.

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    Sorry I don't have an answer...but I would love it if there was. I'm having formula feeding issues with my newborn!

  • I don't know why but I don't believe that you are new to the website...

    You seem to have already sussed things out when we haven't really had much debates in the last week or so...

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    I think they simply misunderstood the question dear. When you're answering question after question, it's easy to begin skimming and overlook what exactly you asked. Don't take it so personally. I don't think they were trying to be mean.

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    What is the big deal with this questions of breast feeders, do formula babies die or get sick. What is wrong with u people.

    I am so sick of this questions.

    My Pretty baby gal is 8months old and formula feed.Call the police.PLEASE.

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