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Current Event Poll:- Do you have to be stupid to watch 'Big Brother'?

Simple question. Do you believe intelligence has anything to do with enjoying the show?


Dave s:- Fortunately for you, based on your forays into 'Mental Health', and upcoming foray into 'Poetry', I assumed those were mere 'Dave S mickeytakes', right?

Update 2:

Plato:- Less diplomacy - say what you feel!! LOL

Update 3:

Aurora:- I'm the same!

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    hmmm I don't know.. I have been surprized at some of the smart people I know who watch that crap.....

    the thing is with the concept of BB... is that it really could be such an interesting and brilliant show if it was more of an actual social study that shock and awe....

    I'd love to see a house with the following guests...

    a couple of people in their late 70's

    a " " " " " late teens

    a couple of people from a low socio-economic environment

    a couple of people from a high socio-economic enviroment

    at least four mixed faith people .....

    and then provide them with opportunities where one group of people could teach others what they know... as we all KNOW something that somebody else doesn't ....

    But sadly MOST people would rather see Boobs, bums and bonking.

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    I should get a loan of a tv just to see what this big brother is like really, ;) i seen a different version the other day called Koko mansion and my word my thoughts were. the following. I like the furniture, a painting that is in the living room after that it was silly... ;) so my question is there any good furniture or art work in the big brother house? is it a way of interior designers getting ideas as such shows as that MtV one I get the idea lots of interior designers watch Crib to get ideas for designs. So at least it seems to have a purpose and get some people to watch it for a good reason.

  • HooBoo
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    1 decade ago

    I have to say that the whole Big Brother thing has passed me by completely. The only person I have ever heard of who has been on it was Jade Goody (and that includes the <ahem> "celebrity" versions). I don't necessarily think you have to be stupid to watch it, but I think anyone who isn't slightly lacking in the IQ department probably feels they are missing the point. Actually they're missing the fact that there isn't a point.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm guessing most intelligent people don't watch it, but maybe some do if they are psychologists or social scientists or maybe just reverse snobs.

    I can't see any reason for watching it myself, but is that because I'm intelligent or because I don't find twentysomething attention seekers in a room interesting?

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  • jamand
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    1 decade ago

    Do you have to be stupid to watch 'Big Brother'?

    Answer - YES

    Do you believe intelligence has anything to do with enjoying the show?

    Answer - Lack of intelligence - YES

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    I don't know, I'm pretty thmart and I enjoy watching a variety of shows.

    The dumber people are the better it is!!

  • I've only allowed myself to be exposed to brief moments in which my eyes felt like they were being gouged out for me. I may have been rubbing them in disbelief.

    I know some otherwise sensible and intelligent people who enjoy being bored stiff.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'd say your IQ would need to be less than 100 to watch it, yeah. Braindead muppets in the house watch by braindead muppets with nothing better to do.

  • Aurora
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    1 decade ago

    LOL Maybe. I watched the first ever series and now when I look back I feel stupid for having watched it at all.:-)))

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    you don't have to be stupid just have a lot of free actually can be quite interesting to study sociology because it shows how different people react to different situations

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