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NBA All-ugly team????

C- Chris Kaman - Caveman

PF- Pau Gasol-

SF- Fabricio Oberto- Caveman

SG- Ha Seung-Jin-

PG- Sam Cassell - E.T's cousin

What about your all NBA ugly-team?


Haha you guys crack me up.

To Jagger:

Yeah I think Nash will be our 6th man here. But I think the Oscar goes to Chris Caveman, I mean Kaman he is the fugliest hahaha

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    Ok I cant do better than what you put. You nailed it lol

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    i hope that picture of gasol's is not altered, hahahaha!

    i agree, chris kaman is the worst looking white dude ever in an NBA court... what's with the mullet when he already has a bald spot smack in the middle of his noggin? he's like an albino... XD

    greg oden's pic was hilarious too, he looks constipated.

    jin doesn't even need a face warp for that mug shot.. XD

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    i think you got them all man. good job. but i think i would put steve nash somewhere in there if not as 6 man. he looks like an alien of some sort if not a hammerhead shark. his eyes are really seperated.

    Ok, i just saw Jin's pic. that is fugly

    EDIT: Oh ya, dont forget Greg Oden.

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    What up Nick Da Quick,

    Wow hard to top that team. But i'd like to add that this team is sponsored by Geico (So Easy even a caveman can do it).


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  • 1.Stephen Jackson

    2.Greg Oden-59 year Old

    3.Marquis Daniels

    4.DJ Mbenga

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    C- Robin Lopez

    PF- Chris "Birdman" Anderson

    SF- Andre Kirilenko

    SG- Delonte West

    PG- Sam Cassell

    6th man Dirk Nowitzki

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    Here's my all ugly team

    C: george musean

    PF:marc and pau gasol ( i think marc is more monsterous then pau)

    SF: adam morrison

    SG: tryone hill

    PG:sam cassall

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    C-robert swift

    PF-luis scola

    SF-paul pierce

    SG-Ha Seung Jin

    PG-rajon rondo

    LMFAO at the gasol pic, HAHAHA

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    1 decade ago

    Can't have The Ugliest Team without Ron Artest.

  • 1 decade ago

    All-Time all-ugly team includes to many former Celtics including (but not limited to) Kevin Mchale, Larry Bird, Garnett, Denis Johnson, and many more

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