Personality trait (introversion vs extroversion) and musical preferences?

I am conducting a poll to see if there is any correlation between one's level of desire for socialisation and one's musical preferences. Respondents are asked to specify whether they are introverted (having less desire for social contact), extroverted (having more desire for social contact) or somewhere in the middle. They are also asked to give an outline of their musical preferences, and, if possible, their reasons for liking their music. If respondents like more than one style of music, they should pick their favourite style. If it is impossible for them too choose, they can specify multiple styles. If they enjoy many musical styles equally, that would be "eclectic".

As an example:

I am very introverted (as in, if people had not approached me for social relations, I would be friendless and not bothered by it). I enjoy classical music. My favourite musical period is the Baroque period, because I enjoy following the structure of the music. I also enjoy exploring the 20th/21st century classical repertoire, as I like to hear new combinations of sounds and new ways of structuring musical pieces. I also like to hear how modern music has grown out of older music.


Alberich- you've interpreted the specifics correctly. And thank you for that word "ambivert", it's the term I was after instead of "somewhere in the middle".

So far, the trend seems to be toward introversion and a liking for classical music, with reasons revolving around wanting to listen to something with substance.

PEOPLE WHO'VE CONTRIBUTED: if you have anyone who doesn't prefer classical music in your contacts, bug them to answer this. I'm looking for a wide spectrum of music-listening preferences.

Update 2:

MissLimLam: Yes, I know what that acronym stands for. I've done online versions of that test, and I score evenly between INTP and INTJ.

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  • hafwen
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    1 decade ago
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    Hi Rachel,

    This is quite an intriguing question, and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the results of your survey.

    Essentially, I'm an introverted person. I'm basically shy, and it takes a long time for me to get to know people and feel comfortable with them. My friendships are intense - I'd rather give all or nothing. I really don't like parties - I suck badly at small-talk, so I kind of dread social gatherings, unless I know everyone - or if I'm dressed in costume (I belong to several historical re-creation/costuming societies, which hold regular themed events - mediaeval, Baroque, Victorian - and I feel far more comfortable "in disguise." I far prefer one-on-one contact with my close, trusted friends, most of whom I've known for many years - including a few from high school, many moons ago.

    Baroque music is my very favourite, especially Italian (Vivaldi, Monteverdi, Gabrieli, etc.) - and I'm like a jealous lover with it, preferring to indulge in private. Recently, too, I've fallen in love with the more "fluid" Lully and other French Baroque...(hmmm...could this recent "loosening of the musical corset" coincide with the ending of a claustrophobic personal relationship???)

    I also love Renaissance and mediaeval music, and folk music (especially Baltic, Balkan and Celtic.) But come to think of it, I prefer to share my enjoyment of these with my's more "social" music for me than my beloved Baroque music...

    Anyway, good luck with your research - please keep us posted, won't you?

    Hafwen xoxox

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    I'm an introvert. Classical music is what I love most. Maybe it's because I've grown up with it, since my mom used to practice piano and teach students at home when I was really young. But I find that after I'm exposed to classical music, it gradually became the only type of music that could really touch me deeply. I enjoy some other music too, like folk, jazz, musical theatre, film soundtracks, good pop, etc. But for me, those are just 'ear candy' for a moment, and after I listen to them a few times, I could no longer squeeze out anymore 'substance' from them, and I get bored. I guess I'm someone who likes to be able to challenge my mind and have something to think about all the time.

    My favourite musical periods are Classical and Romantic, because I'm more of a 'melody' person since I sing as well. I love the elegance of the Classical style, and how composers are able to convey so much meaning even within the 'simplicity' and 'galant' style of the period. I love the emotion and passion in Romantic music, and the use of more complex harmonies. Just one single chord can convey so much on its own when used aptly.

    Edit: MissLimLam, I'm an INFJ too! Though I seem to be going more towards an INFP now. But I'm still somewhere in the middle, and since the test instructors told us to choose 'J' if our 'J' and 'P' are equal, I guess that makes me an INFJ. I thought I'd never find anybody who's the same personality type as me here, because there were only like...3 of us who were INFJs out of my whole year when we took the test.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am so sorry that I cannot give a full answer right now. Give me an hour or two and I will have one posted!

    Here is my summary:

    Introvert. I love Baroque music.


    I am secretly an introvert... In science (at school) we were doing psychology and we did personality tests. I am an INFJ... if that means anything at all to you.

    Around my friends I am hardly quiet or shy, but to others I appear to be so. I have three of four good friends, and plenty of people I am friendly with... but I dont like big crowds and would prefer to stay home than go to a party. I am a very intelligent person, and sometimes it is hard to relate to people because of this... the fact that I dont mind being by myself helps.

    I like classical music. Like Hafwen, I am a baroque freak, and I also love Italian Baroque. My favourite composer is Vivaldi... and I also love Monteverdi, Caccini, Marini, Castello, Handel, and Telemann.

    Source(s): Ana, I was the only INFJ in my science class. (There's only 25 people in that class though...)
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  • petr b
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    1 decade ago

    Primarily Introvert (painfully shy as child, got over it, at least outwardly) / secondarily Ambivert: can socialize brilliantly and with great enjoyment, but would not care to do so more than briefly and not often.

    Music: well-educated 'cultivated' family, am the sole respondent to classical music, which bit me at age of four years and never let go. I hasten to say I had a rather oblivious and uneventful childhood with no trauma or lacks to make me want to 'escape' or 'retreat' into music as solace.... As so many here have said, music is not relaxing, it is exciting, thrilling, etc!

    I think there is a fundamental difference in temperament, if not 'personality type,' and it is derermined by the manner in which people listen, regardless of the musical genre.

    Those who listen attentively, with nothing else going on in the room, or focus on just the music at a performance, listen at a very complete level. For these, the experience could be solely visceral, in the case of those who are untutored or unaware of all terms used in describing music, or it could be visceral / intellectual for those tutored or more conscious of how music works or how music works on them.

    These listeners would be "Introvert" for that time al least. (the Introvert or ambivert...interesting term.)

    The truly extrovert I think would only listen to music in social situations or use it as background when alone, including background for private silly dancing, air guitar, ballet, conducting, dusting the apartment, etc. What the total extrovert would be unlikely to ever do (imho) is attend a symphony concert alone, or put on a CD, and sit, and then only listen.

    best regards.

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  • Rehema
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    4 years ago

    Yes, I'll admit it - I do. I try not to, but when someone over the age of 15 tells me they like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy, I tend to wonder what's wrong with them. That's music is for teenagers who don't know better yet. I do try to reserve full judgment until I know people better. Generally, though, people I meet who don't like the music I like (rock, alternative and old-school punk, mostly), who don't branch outside of the mainstream, are not people I connect with. I'm the same about movies and books, too. Call me a snob, but I really do think you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. IT doesn't mean I won't be friends with a person who only listens to top 40, but I'd never feel we had that much in common. It's happened, so I do know the feeling.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think I'm an introverted extrovert. I'm quite happy with my own company, and don't seek out groups although I am happy when I am in them. I do enjoy being a member of groups on the internet, however.

    My musical tastes have changed over the years. I used to love baroque music, but as I have got older I find it just a deal of note spinning. I now prefer romantic piano music, both solo and concerted. I have grown into(?) chamber music. I love opera, particularly Mozart, Verdi, Puccini and Janacek.

    I also love all English music, from Byrd to Britten. Im recent years I have been exploring the wealth of English light music, a genre which has generally fallen out of favour but which is being extensively explored on CD.

    I have to say I don't particularly like rock or modern pop. Give me a big band - Glenn Miller for example. My fantasy is to be dressed in a white DJ (Tux) and standing with the saxs or trumpets whilst they play their solo. I think the standard of popular music has sadly declined. No one writes clever lyrics any more like those of Sammy Kahn, for example. Who but Cole Porter would have rhymed 'a velvet night in Spain' with 'you're cellophane' (from You're the Tops)? Sinatra, Ella, Paul Simon

    I do like some folk (though not the weirder world stuff which I sometimes feel is just an affectation on some peoples' part). Dare I say I also like country music?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am a fairly private person, although I do enjoy the company of my close friends and socialising in a very friendly nearby bar. I enjoy a very wide range of music which includes classical (my first love), modern jazz (but not 'trad' or 'Dixie'), rock (especially progressive rock), good pop and some film music. I also like genres which mix the best elements of other genres (such as folk-rock and jazz-rock).

    I like music that challenges me and makes me listen closely to it. I am nearly always puzzled by people who say they find classical music 'soothing' or 'relaxing' because, if only they listened further then the handful of pieces they repeat time after time, they might realise that a lot of classical music is far from relaxing. I want to be stretched, invigorated and stimulated by the music I listen to.

    Make of that what you will.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If I'm interpreting the specifics of your poll/survey, then my responses are as follows

    1) - socialization slot: guess I'm-----------what's the word? "Ambivert"? I enjoy socializing immensely at times; then there are times when I desire absolute seclusion - want no contact whatsoever with any other human being.

    2) - music style/genres preferences: I'm primarily into classical music(that of the Romantics primarily), which I could not live without. My favorite three composers are Wagner, Tchaikovsky and Sibelius; compositions examples of each:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail



    Youtube thumbnail

    There are times - far and few in between - when I enjoy other types of music; a few examples:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    3) - why my preferences: who can explain preferences/tastes? I'm unable to. In our family of six(3 siblings), none other than myself cared for classical music; nor any of my many, many relatives. My heritage was essentially that of an agrarian one - Texas/Arkansas.

    I received 6 mos. piano instruction at age 6, about two months further when a sophomore in high school, and a smattering of music course in college: majored in psychology with a minor in history(didn't graduate).

    Became enamored with Wagner's music at somewhere around 12 yrs. of age, and have loved his music ever since.

    So, as the expression goes, "Go figure".


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  • 6 years ago

    I personally love emotionally evoking music, mainly rock music, and metal for me.

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