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Bee asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


請幫幫手作一份 關於到外國旅遊既文

去邊個國家唔緊要 ;

係講你去左外國旅遊 玩左d咩 見左d咩

最後係感想 ;


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  • Preesa
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    1 decade ago
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    Not having anything in particular to do for Christmas, I decided to go on a holiday to Thailand. I was extremely excited because I had heard so many great things about the country.

    I thought it was better to go with travel agency because it would offer a tour guide. Thus, I looked for one. There were so many advertisements in the newspaper about traveling to Thailand, and I picked one. The package I chose was slightly over my budget. However, it is worth choosing.

    We arrived at night. Then we took our chartereed tour bus to the hotel.Since it was a bit late and we were tired, we just enjoyed our dinner and went to bed.

    The second day the tour guide took us to visit the famous Thai Golden Palace. Unfortunately, it took us the whole morning just to go to our destination because the bus driver made a few wrong turns. However, the tour guide tell us a brief introduction of the historial background of the Palace to kill the time. I thought he was a clever man.

    After our visit to the Palace, we then visit a place called Orlando Science Center nearby. Orlando Science Center is a glistening structure that is highlighted by the dome of the John Young Planetarium.

    The next day we visited Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya was once the glorious capital of Thailand. It was also a centre of trade and government, and possessed a long period of prosperity. I enjoyed the amazing light-and-sound show and the exhibitions on Ayutthaya as a World Heritage Site there, as well as the cultural performances.

    The next few days were also fun! I was quite interested in Thai culture and I learnt more from the tour guide. It was an unforgettable experience.

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    About 200 words

    2009-07-10 22:15:45 補充:

    At last year ---> Last year

    I go to England ---> I went to England (是舊年去,不是常常去)

    First ---> Firstly

    ("Firstly" is more formal, and we usually use in written English. We usually use "first" in spoken English)

    2009-07-10 22:15:57 補充:

    we are went to London ---> we went to London

    (We don't use "are" and "went" at the same time in one sentence. 英文裡一句句子只容許有一個動詞!)

    001回答者還有很多 grammatical mistakes!

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    about 200 words

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    你若不介意的話,我想將你這篇文給我表哥改,他從小移民到外國,現在大學畢業, 正在教小學生, 有教作詩, 我想他可以幫你指出 grammatical mistake, 你可以改善英文!

    我 send email to him 後, 收到回覆便寄回給你, 不過, 你可否send一個email給我先, 因Yahoo知識這裡沒有html工具!

    放心吧!我不會向你收錢, 只是見你有上進心而巳!

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