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Angels &Demons Question : Why did Carmelengo Patrick McKenna steal the anti matter?

Did He want to blow Vatican or Did He sure that someone (Langdon ) will find it so He can act like a hero?

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    If you read the book, you would know. Which is why the movie was terrible.


    Because since he killed the Pope (He killed him because he thought he had sex and had a child but he actually didn't, he did artificial insemination and the camerlengo IS THE CHILD.) he didn't want anyone to know and because he was angry since the antimatter was a subject meant to merge Science and Religion. And he thought that was preposterous. He did want to blow up the vatican because of his hate for the Pope, which is why in the book when he finds out he's the child. He burns himself to death. Which is also why he started to hate God because the pope was like the personification of God and he felt that the Pope failed him.

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    Neither of the two, to repose faith of the people in God. Like God saved all of them from the anti matter by showing the Carmelengo where it is located.

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    so he can act like a hero

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