Consider this, if by the 2020 every food resource in the world is needed to feed just China's population...?

...and if America is the breadbasket of the world, one can be sure that they are at least planning possible invasion scenarios, even if not serious ones. A friend of mine commented that not China alone but a consolidated Asian force could be successful especially, if as I believe, that they could compromise alliances of Mexico and Russia with the US. They could attack with millions from the south, from the north (through Alaska and Canada) from the sea and air. Any thoughts??

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    as you've seen in the news the chinese have been practicing poising our food supplies, shutting down out power grid, and just today closing down our govt computers (oh, yeah, that was n korea, lol)

    so on day one of wwiii we will be sitting in the dark and dying of food poisoning waiting for our non functioning govt to save us.

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    Never going to happen. The Chinese will probably invade some place in Africa first that is hostile to the US then thinking about invading the US or Canada.

    One thing is for sure by 2020 the US will remain a world power. China's internal political structure will at sometime in the near future fall apart tearing that country up, but that's just a scenario.

    No one knows the future, it's gray and likely changing all the time.

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    sorry man but your so wrong , China's population is not really growing much. With just over 1.3 billion people (1,330,044,605 as of mid-2008), China is the world's largest and most populous country.

    China's total fertility rate is 1.7, which means that, on average, each woman gives birth to 1.7 children throughout her life. The necessary total fertility rate for a stable population is 2.1; nonetheless, China's population is expected to grow over the next few decades. This can be attributed to immigration and a decrease in infant mortality and a decrease in death rate as national health improves.

    By the late 2010s, China's population is expected to reach 1.4 billion. Around 2030, China's population is anticipated to peak and then slowly start dropping.

    China is very capable at feeding itself and now that they are modernizing farms they will be more easly be able to do so.

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    Your theory is wrong however you are on to something that has been known since the 60s: that is if there ever was a war with China the US Navy would attack and cut of China's ports first and in a quick amount of time the general population of China would starve to death. That's why if you watch China's military buildup its all focused on their navy and with the amount and high tech gear they are buying something fishy is going on but i cant say what that is for sure.

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    Not all the missiles in the silos have been shut down.

    Submarines are still out there patrolling.

    Spy satellites are still up there. In this day and age there are no hiding places for massed armies. Heck, Google Earth has my daughters in one of their street level photos.

    Even the Chinese and North Koreans know that in any nuclear exchange there are only losers.

    Besides, famine and plague will kill them off faster than they can launch any sort of belligerence.

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    remember not everybody thinks like the way you killing killing and killing.

    there are good people all over the world that have opposite idea and way of thinking that the way you are.

    so if you are scare about your own thought, too bad for you.

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    Fighting on our territory would pretty efficiently kill the crops, wouldn't it?

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