if a family of white parents lived in africa for generations would their children eventually turn black?

if a family of white parents lived in africa for generations would their children eventually turn black?


most of you just totally contradicted yourselves. you said no they wont turn black it would take 10's of thousands of years. that means YES, yes they would eventually turn black... and for the people who say no entirely, then how are there different races in the first place.

just wondering.

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    Yes. There are several ways this could happen.

    1. Eventually through evolution, genes mutating to better handle the different environment. This would take thousands and thousands of years yes, but it's likely what happened to create different races in the first place. Unless of course you believe like some religious nuts that don't believe in evolution.

    2. Through natural selection. It has been proven that people and animals can "evolve" after many generations by a simple process. Giraffes, for example, as a whole species used to have much shorter necks. But the ones with the short necks died off before being able to procreate becuase they couldn't reach the leaves as good as giraffes with longer necks. So what would happen is only the long necked giraffes got to procreate and with each sucessive generations the giraffes got the best of every generation before them and more. That's what they call survival of the fittest. Every creature on the planet is the result of the best, the stronges and the brightest and generations before them. Apply this theory to White people in Africa. I have seen White people in Africa, they have to apply a ton of sunscreen or else they turn into red lobsters. It's not the environment their ancestors have been perfected to exist in. They can get skin cancer much more easily or any other host of diseases becuase they haven't built an immuty to them like malaria. It's been proven Black people have developed an immunity to malaria, and when it goes wrong is what creates sickle cell anemia. So over time lighter White people would have a shorter life than darker White people or White people mixed with a littl African. And people who live longer have time to make more babies. And the babies of the darker White person with an African would in turn live even longer than the babies of a darker White person with another White person. So through simple natural selection White poeple would become Black people. And so on and so forth.

    3. Simple micegenation happening right now. Look at the coloured racial group in South Africa. By sheer numbers White people in Africa are destined to become Black Africans. It's probably why the White South Africans were so scared. They should be if they desire "purity". It's simple logic, Whites and Blacks are bound to have sex at some point in such close quarters and if every White person has sex with a Black person, there will eventually be no "White" people. Kind of like what's happening to Black people in the UK. By sheer numbers "the few pure" Black people that emigrate to a White country can't hold up against being surrounded by millions of White people and vice versa. Race mixing and each successive generation becoming Whiter or Blacker is inevitable.

    EDIT: Of course these theories don't take into account massive genocide of the native peoples, forcing the native peoples in poverty, or new immigration bringing fresh waves of White immigrants to African shores. OGUN brings up a good point about Whites in America. BUT that was whole other dynamic that included all of the above. White people enslaved the Native Americans, introduced bacteria they had no immunity for, slaughtered them in great numbers, and many of the Natives who weren't killed by Europeans killed themselves. So the result was there was as much micegenation between Natives and Europeans as there would be between Africans and Europeans in the above scenario. So the micegention theory is out. But even with this limitations, keeping White people from "becoming" Natives, I would wager there are far more White people with Native blood (and Natives with White blood) than you will find in Europe.

    Also the climate of the Americas is not that harsh and not that much different than the climate Europeans came from. So the natural selection and evolution theories are out. But with Africa, it's a whole other ballgame. The climate is much hotter than that of much of Europe. So the evolution theory is entirely possible over time.

    ALSO there were fresh waves of European immigrants yearly if some died or mixed with Native Americans extensively. White people intended to make the Americas a new home to they soon OUTNUMBERED NATIVES. I assume what you are talking about the above scenario is a FEW White people surrounded by many Black people. Not outnumbering them.

    Hope that helped.

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    Are you saying turn black as in tanning,getting darker? No, they would just get a light tan but not real dark as the darkest complexion to ebony black.And if you're talking about the race,since you mentioned live in Africa for generations of course if they're going to mix with black African and have biracial children coming in different variety of skin shades.

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    HMMMM!!! Let's see. Families of White people have lived in North America for generations without practicing miscegenation and haven't turned into Native Americans. Why would being in Africa be any different?

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    Check the Smithsonian Anthropology dept...U will find there that life began in Africa and everyone on this planet has a black gene in them...The mother of humanity was a Black woman...which technically makes everyone black....sorry but u don't have to wait generations

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    Not if that family only reproduced with other caucasians.

    If however they began to reproduce with Africans, then they would turn black very quickly.

    The differentiation of the races was something that took place over many thousands of years, and required populations to diverge and then reproduce almost exclusively within their groups.

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    Well not "black" but probably natural selection would favor people who tan and would be at less risk of skin cancer but as for features changing given the diversity of body shapes amongst current african populations probably not that much?

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    ya if the kids have children with black people, but that's the only way because they're not gonna evolve and become black lol that would take thousands and thousands of years

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    Not unless they were raped by the locals.

    But those white people who have lived on their own land for generations are being driven off their farms and having their businesses taken away.

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    Yes, if they cross- breed with the natives.

    Genetics, my dear. It's all to do with mix-n-match of genes. There would be a variety of whites, blacks and in-betweens!

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    Omg,no.Africa is just a continent,it does not affect your race or melanin or skin color

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