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"Spare the rod, spoil the child"? What does that MEAN?

I used to see this statement as we should spare the rod and spoil our children. I have seen on here that people see it as if we spare the rod, then it will be spoiling the children. I am confused. Which is it?

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    I agree that I also saw it as, "you should spare the rod and spoil the child". I guess we just think differently from other people (which may not necessarily be a bad thing).

    Source(s): This is part of why I became a Wiccan. I just don't understand Christianity sometimes. Wicca makes so much more sense to me.
  • TueLom
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    You really do not know the Greek if you do not think the word "rod" means to spank! Yes, a Shepherd does use a rod and a staff, but the rod was used to discipline the sheep, and also to protect them from wolves, lions and bears. The staff was used to pull the sheep away from danger, since the hook on the end of a "Shepherd's Hook". So, for a better understanding of the verse, it basically means to correct and discipline your child in order to steer them in the right direction (towards God). Sometimes that requires force. Sometimes that requires a gentle nudge. It is up to the parent to decide which is required.

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    The statement about the rod comes from Prov.(13-24). "He that spareth the rod hateth his son, but he who loveth him chastiseth him betimes". These are the words of King Solomon, and not God. In his later years "Solomon did evil in the eyes of God". He worshiped false idols, and did some bad stuff. If you read the bible story (not just a couple verses) it's kind of a story of what not to do. King Solomon used this punishment with his kids, and they talked about their dad like they hated him after he had died. When Solomon died, his son Rehoboam succeeded him as king, he was so mean and harsh, that the people chased him out of town and he barely escaped with his life. There's no authority in the Bible to use corporal punishment on kids except, in the Prov. of King Solomon. Anyway, here's an article on the definition of the "rod" in the Bible.

  • When I was little I thought it meant, do not use a rod, spoil your children but I think people on here do think it is if you don't use the rod you are spoiling.... I have no idea those old way back when people need to be more clear! :)

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    Many feel that the author(s) of Proverbs did recommend that parents beat their children into submission with a rod. They argue that these passages are merely a reflection of a very violent society which practiced human slavery, stoned non-virgin brides to death, tortured prisoners, committed genocide, and acted in other ways which are considered profoundly immoral by today's religious and secular standards. All of the latter practices have long since been abandoned. Thus we should reject the infliction of pain as a child-rearing tool as well.

  • Jeff N
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    In the beginning of time, children were probably whipped with a switch when they misbehaved. The saying, loosely translated, means that if you don't punish your kids when they misbehave, they will grow up to be quite evil.

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    It means that as parents we should never cover up for our children.. If they r wrong they should be corrected if they are not abiding to your rule they should get beaten.. Cause treas can't bend when they are old..

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    that saying is old, people use to say it to condone spanking, it means if you dont spank(spare the rod) then the child will be spoiled, i disagree, my kids are never spanked and they are some of the most well behaved kids there are

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    I believe it just means that if you don't spank (or discipline) your child, that they will become disobedient. It may not have been something to take literally.

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    Hm. Not spanking your child comes to mind. I dont agree.

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