Travelling to Victoria, BC?

My husband and I will be visiting Victoria in September for 3 days. What are the "must-dos" for our trip? My husband has back problems so anything too active wouldn't work for us.

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  • Jeff H
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    1 decade ago
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    There are a variety of activities available in Victoria and you should have no problem finding a lot to do to meet any lifestyle. I travel there frequently and there are a variety of activities that you can do at your own pace. Here is a partial list of some of the activities or attractions available in Victoria:

    Since your husband does have back problems within a very short walk of each other you will find:

    Royal British Columbia Museum

    National Geographic IMAX Theatre (same building as Royal BC Museum)

    BC Legislature Buildings

    Royal London Wax Museum

    Maritime Museum

    Beacon Hill Park

    If your husband does not mind walking I would recommend Ghostly Walks which leaves from the tourist centre each evening during the summer I believe. It is a gentle walking tour of downtown Victoria with ghostly tales to match, a favourite of mine.

    A short car ride but still very close to the downtown area you will find such places as:

    Craigdarroch Castle

    Government House - House is closed to the public but the grounds are open

    And if you want a short drive

    Butchart Gardens

    Mt Douglas Park

    Remember that these are only some and a place like Butchart Gardens will take a while to see properly. Last time I was there I enjoyed a gentle stroll and there were lots of places to sit down and enjoy the various gardens.

    I would suggest the Royal BC Museum for sure and, if you enjoy gardens, Butchart Gardens (paid entrance) and Government House (free). And if you can afford it high tea at the Empress Hotel makes a nice break during the day.

  • NWIP
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    Royal BC Museum

    View the Inner Harbor

    See the Empress and the lights at night

    Go on a double decker bus trip

    Minature Railroad Museum

    Royal Wax Museum

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    maximum inexpensive: BC Ferries quickest: Helicopter 2d quickest: plane from Victoria to Vancouver you are able to not in basic terms up and pass to Victoria and pass back to Vancouver in one day without being rushed. you want a evening in Victoria a minimum of to do a exceptional quantity. extra desirable than 3 days is a stretch in Victoria. it is not that large of a city, besides the fact that that's the biggest on Vancouver Island. human beings frequently use Victoria as a beginning element to pass up island to places like Tofino & Campbell River.

  • 1 decade ago

    Take a city tour on a double decker bus. Also be sure to visit the Empress Hotel for High Tea.

    Source(s): I have visited Victoria, BC
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  • 1 decade ago

    do the ususal tourist things i suppose. Stay in the empress, see the parliament buildings, ride on a horse drawn buggy or rickshaw. Eat at the many interesting restaurants along government street, check out the butchart gardens and go whale watching.

  • xomoc
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    1 decade ago

    Please see this detailed answer I gave to a similar question on Victoria.;_ylt=Avi2_...

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