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Anyone care to help with my problems?

Anyone who has the guts to read my life story and give me advice is very generouse.


My name is Sharon and will be turning 16 September, my story involves my life issues and how they are devastating my life. Where do I begin… well, my mother was born in Mexico and my father somewhere in America, we all live in the same place right now. I lived in the same house all my life. My dad got the what you call that entire ‘Oh hell yes I scored on miss perfect’ next thing you know after your married she turns to Hitler’s assistant well that led to me being born so after 3 years of being with her he decided to get the hell out of that house I can’t remember much at that age but what I do remember is grade school. Grade school was like a jail for kids only worse you didn’t do crap and you live it up in the slammer for hours and hours a day. I blame my mom for most of my bullied old school life, I mean not just one bully it’s the entire school after this one little girl who has not one friend... basically my mom was really over protective and in my belief she overprotected me so I don’t leave her which actually worked, I’ll explain that later. Well, as a kid I had asthma and this was her one way ticket to advantage, she would come every day at lunch and stay there and wouldn’t allow one person to hang around with me, literally… A few kids came to my door asking if I can come out and play and my mom pretty much stated “Don’t knock here ever again and no!!” I was a little innocent kid with no friends doesn’t that sound fun? Well that’s pretty much my childhood so let’s jump a few years ahead 6th grade around the ages 12-13 my mom tried homeschooling me for about a year which didn’t work out so now I’m in this online school which is a complete joke, not literally… it’s actually a school but its insanely stupid anyways, I adored it at first I always wanted a computer it was real fun but I didn’t get much education since I had to read everything and my mom who isn’t native in English didn’t understand what the heck was going on and didn’t really give a ****. So now I’m finally getting into high school mainly because of my age being too old to stay in grade school but apparently it’s twice as more complicated than the normal grade school online stuff, so I’m just begging my mom to allow me to go to an actual school it might give me a chance to understand what the hell a human is like instead of an internet based person. Well ever since last month she has been treating me… differently it’s like her mind just thinks I’m this perverted person now it makes no sense I mean I’m just this 15 year old chick who wants to go to school to get a bit more education and make a few friends. So I asked my mom if I can go through a school bus because she claims her car is broken she says she doesn’t trust me with the house keys because she thinks I’m going to invite boys and then get raped. Knowing the fact I’ve never had a real boyfriend or even kissed a boy she automatically assumes I’m going to get laid if I go to school, wow what a fantastic loving mother isn’t she? Well that’s the basics of my life story at the moment, unexciting, depressing, stressful and just plain annoying.

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    Your Mom must have been hurt in some way in her life , most likely when she was a child , that is most likely why she was extremely protective of you , she didn't want the same thing to happen to you , the home school maybe made it easier for her to protect you ( in her Mind ) , Now that you are 15 , and want to go to school , it is hard for her to let you go , it seems maybe she has been raped & has not told you , but goes to the extreme to protect you from the trauma that happened to her , she obviously loves you very much , she may have never told anyone , but of course she has not forgotten , ask your Mom , in a very gentle way , if she was ever raped , if you are close enough to her to ask , if she has ask her if the two of you could go to counseling together , if you can't ask her , just tell her you would like to go , they always talk to the parent also in private , maybe she will open up to someone , & get the help that she needs . Also remember God , he loves you both very much , Pray ask Jesus into your heart , if you have not done that , then Pray , ask God for Wisdom , and Pray ask God to help your Mom , Ask God to help you to get into a Good School that your Mom will feel that you are safe , your Mom is afraid to let you go , that is Fear , you can Pray on behalf of your Mom that the Fear would leave her . Go to , you will find a lot of help there for teens & adults , and you can also ask for someone to Pray for you & with you , online or by phone . It will be O.K. , God will help you & your Mom , just ask him for help . I Wish You Well

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