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If i go to planned parenthood for a contraceptive will they inform my guardian?

im 16. Will they inform my parents about me purchasing plan b. Or can I just get someone else to come in with me and get a prescription filled.?

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    NO it is the law they can not inform your parents about your reproductive system.

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    my planned parenthood totally respects my privacy your own person and believe it or not if they did inform your guardian it would be against the law they even use what is called a heidi code when they call your home say they call your house to tell you results or something they tell the person who answers the phone its heidi calling

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    plan b? im pretty sure they will give you birth control at 16 without telling your parents (they did for me) but you cant get plan b until you are 17 without your parents consent (they have to ok it) my suggestion would be to either tell your parents you need to get it or get a friend thats 17 to get it for her and give it to you...

    let me add this they cant tell your parents but they can deny you the plan b without a parents consent and i think they have to be there in person giving consent (not over the phone or in writing)

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    its not a prescription and no they wont inform your guardian. they give you 12 months worth of pills and a bag of condoms.

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  • Anonymous
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    as long as your over 14 everything you do or get there is strictly confidential. i used to go there for pregnancy tests and birth control.

  • no they cannot! the only time they may be able to tell someone is if it is a life threatening condition they find. and even then they give you the option to tell them first.

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    They can't tell your parents.. it's confidential.

    They don't care about anything except preventing unwanted pregnancies.. they don't care about getting you in trouble.

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