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Im getting a bunny next week, what do I need to get?

And if its possible could you list prices?

Thanks =]


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    Cage- biggest you can possibly afford. I recommend making a NIC cube cage:

    Just look up more information. I made a cage for about 50$ and it's huge! So much bigger and better for your money. Mine is 4 cubes long, 2 cubes across and 3 tall. I added another level so that it is the same area as the bottom apart from one square (12x12) that they use to jump through onto the other level. I suggest you do this too. :)

    Feed (rabbit pellets)- since you will only have one bunny, buy smaller packages so they don't go bad. Rule is to only buy an amount that will be gone by 6 weeks. High in fibre (min 18%) low in protein (max 14%-15%) and calcium (1%). Timothy hay based pellets are the best. The prices vary.

    Feeding guide and info:

    Water bottle- I like these much better that bowls because water bottles keep the water clean, fresh and it doesn't take up any room in the cage. Bunnies will tip over bowls and make a mess of their cage. I buy mine for 5$. Make sure you change the water everyday to keep it fresh.

    Litter box- depending on how old the bunny you will be getting is, you'll eventually have to litter train him. Buy a basic cat litter box that is big, but the rim isn't too high or too low. If it's too high he may not jump in it and if it's too low he'll pee over it. I buy mine for 6$.

    Litter for litter box- do not use clumping cat litters, shavings, ect. Going with Yesterday's News is the best. Absorbant, cheap for the amount, easy to clean and safe for bunny. 10$ for a 10 pound (or kg?) bag.

    Food dish- Your best bet is a wide, not too tall ceramic dish so it's harder to tip and wide enough to easily eat out of. 5-6$

    Toys- these can just be cardboard boxes, large sheets of newspaper, boxes with newspaper in them to dig, untreated wood, ect. You might want to go to the dollar store (or something) to buy a durable plastic cat toy with a bell. Make sure the plastic is thick so he won't choke.


    Hay- you can go to a farm (if there's any around) and get a garbage bag of hay for about 2-3$ around here. Beats buying a grocery bag full for 6$ from a pet store. Remember that hay is essential for your bunny's health- it should be available at all times!

    I think this is all for now!

    If you're thinking of buying from a pet store- don't please! Try Kijiji, a breeder or, preferably, a shelter. You'd be surprised about how many bunnies need new homes and how great they all are.

    Source(s): I have 6 bunnies.
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    You will want shavings (preferably dust and scent free), a water bottle, a bag of pellets(you can get the fancier kind that has all the seeds and things but that is fattier), a food bowl, a nest box type thing for them to jump around or sleep in, and something to chew on. Hay makes a good treat.

    Shavings - $7- $13 Water Bottle $3-$4

    Food - $6 Hay - $6

    Box- $5 - $10 Cage - $40 or more

    Chew toys - $1- $3

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    You need:

    Cage- $35-$150

    Cage w/ Accessories-$40-$150



    Water Bottle/Bowl-$0-$5

    Food Bowl-$0-$5

    Litter Pan-$5-$15


    Chew Toys-$0-$5

    Care-7-15 years


    Whatever you do, DO NOT get a harness/collar for your bunny. Bunnies, let alone rabbits, have very fragile backs, and walking your rabbit is risky, especially if they get spooked and jump away, resulting is a broken neck or back. If you want to give your bunny exercise, make a bunny-proofed room or area for them to run in. Here are some great links for places to shop for inexpensive supplies:

    The best place is Tractor Supply Company. They are the most inexpensive place that I know of. The best deal for supplies, cage, food, basically everything that you need is here in this cage for only $40:

    I hope that this helped! Good luck with your bunny!

    Here are some links for proper care:

    Source(s): Proud owner of two rabbits and a hamster! ^-^
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    I won't know prices off the top of my head, sorry. But...!

    A cage big enough for the little fella. Don't forget he will grow! (If you're getting a baby)

    Water and food dish.

    Litter box and litter.




    Hay (Timothy Grass is my preference)

    Bedding for his cage

    A harness so he can walk around

    A stand up play pen like thing so he can hang out where you are. I put it in the livingroom while I watch tv and he chills out, or you can take it outside.

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    cage, make sure its big enough for the bunny

    water bottle app $4-$5

    food bowl $6

    bedding (like CAREfresh) $10

    if u want to litterbox train bunny then its around $7

    food $4

    dont waste money on toys. an empty toilet paper roll, napkins, cardboard

    these are all good

    Source(s): prices might not be accurate, i just tried to remember:)
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    ur lucky! ive alwayswanted a bunny! anyway, this is everything u will need. u can get the stuff at petco or petsmart >


    thsi cage has a food bowl and a water thingy. sorry i dont know what its called, anyway it has a raise for where the food and water thing goes. it is $70.00

    and of course ur gonna need food. athis is what i reccomend,

    it is 12 dollers for 4.5 lbs

    and then u need bedding. this is what is most cozy, but its expensive. and heres some more good stuff that u can use-

    this is the cozy one its 13 dollars-

    heres the other good kind its 6 dollars-

    and here r just some treats for them they r 3.00 dollars-

    they r alfalfa sticks. they r good for them and their teeth

    i hope u have a good bunny expirience!!!

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    You need a cage,its food and its water.

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