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male pattern baldness and genetics?

every guy in my family(moms and dads side) have had male pattern baldness but havent been experiencing it until their 40s. does this mean that i wont be experiencing mpb until that age as well

allso will i experience early or premature male pattern baldness eventhough no one in my family has experienced mpb at an early age?

in short, does the rate and age at which someone balds the same as the rate and age at which other men in their family started to bald.


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    Please don't bother my friend!

    I reckon that you are quiet young, so the thought of going bald scares you.

    I had that too when I was in my early 20s, because baldness is a common thing too in my family.

    I'm almost 40 now and YES I'm almost bald too LOL!

    But in reality going bald is a very slow process.

    Nobody (some rare cases excepted) is completely bald in their early 20s.

    You see this is what I'm trying to say:

    -When you are 20 you don't wanna look like a bald old man

    (and that's not gonna happen I promise)


    -When you are 40+ you don't wanna look like a 20 year old!

    (Although the media wants to make us believe that "young" is the way to be)

    So when you reach the age of 40 you won't bother about a little or more baldness because all of of your male generation members have the same "problem" (which isn't a problem)

    Since in prehistory man was hairy like an ape and now we are allmost hairless I think the ability of loosing hair is a step ahead in evolution!

    And I feel that being a little or more bald is very masculine!

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    you're assuming that baldness is A) basically genetic and B) that basically one gene controls it. the two are incorrect. Baldness can effect from countless different issues to boot genes. Hair products, rigidity, scalp/follicle injury, and absence of care can all make a contribution to balding. i do no longer know your mom's kin, although in accordance with what you mentioned, it particularly is possibly there is a few genetic component of the baldness there. additionally, most of the genes controlling hair growth are unfold for the period of the genome. weight loss plan and environment can play an excellent place in turning on and rancid the genes that would reason baldness. it particularly is genuine that some person-friendly forms of baldness are on the X chromosome, wherein case you would be doomed for baldness -- probably. there is the possibility that your mom by no skill picked up that allele, or perhaps that your mom (or perhaps you!) skilled a mutation at those alleles to get rid of the baldness trait. And, as you referred to, there could desire to be something out of your father's chromosomes that cut back or negate regardless of protein expression (or lack thereof) that could desire to be inflicting the baldness.

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    I would tend to agree with you. I think the pattern stays the same, at least it did in my family. I can't speak for everyone.

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    believe it or not male baldness is passed down through the MOTHER'S genes. Look at your mom's relatives for your answer.

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    most likely yes

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