av Just turned 3months pregnant and i feel ill every time i eat and even throw up at times?

i have tried healthy and unhealthy food it dnt matter it all makes me ethier feel really sick or sick n a didnt feel like this wiv ma first son if u hav ant hints or tips tht cud help that would be great thnx

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    My doctor told me to take 50 mg of vitamin b6 two times a day. It took a few days to work but I don't know what I would do without it now. I still need to keep food in my stomach at all times but it is soooo much better!

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    I didn't eat properly for 7 weeks during my pregnancy because it didn't matter what it was it would come straight back up!! However, I did find that if I ate something like a couple of biscuits or dry toast as soon as I woke up then then the nausea faded. The key then was to eat little and often to keep the nausea at bay.

    The hungrier you are, the more sick you feel - that's what my doctor said. The other thing to do is to ask someone else to provide as much of your food for you as possible - when my partner went to work he would leave me out snacks like crisps, fruit, cereal bars etc as everytime I went into the kitchen the food smells caused me to be sick!

    However, if you do lose weight at a concerning rate then it is important to see a doctor to check you aren't dehydrated as some women oftn need hospitalisation. Ooh and drink plenty of water - but if this is too hard to keep down try ice cubes and ice lollies!

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    Every pregnancy is different. My sister is prego right now with fourth pregnancy. She said she has NEVER had a pregnancy like this one.

    I suggest that you look at foods that you thought you didn't like. Sometimes pregnancy will cause you to change taste buds and that because of hormones. You should also eat very small amounts first. That way if you do get sick you won't have so much to spew.

    I remember I used to hate cottage cheese until I had my son, now I can't get enough of it.

    The crackers and 7up thing should probably work to. You know to settle your stomach. Vernors is nice to.

    Just a little addag, Jessica I have to say honey your answer was not very funny. Especially to a mom who has enough to worry about when she is having a baby.

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    if youre throwing up to excess, then you should see the doctor in case you have hg (excessive morning sickness).if not, then ginger biscuits worked for me.dry toast or crackers may be an idea as well.you could also try the acupressure bands or travel sickness bands from a chemist.hopefully, you should fell better soon though.

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    hey dont worry about it i was exactly the same migranes sickness feeling so week and stressed in bed neraly everyday couldent even keep down water hun its a clear sign that its a girl tho if your sick a lot and very ill and feel like **** and look like **** my sickness has got better but im stil being sick occasionally and feeling sick after meals but migranes have cleared up and i keep a lot of food down i only have a week to go but being ill went away about 5 months congratulations

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    Ignore that Jessica idiot, Its most likely still just your tummy being sick from morning sickness, go to your doctors or ring NHS direct if your from U.K


    Good luck


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    you could try eating little and often, the dry crackers is good advice, also you could try anything with lemon or ginger in them, lemon tea, gingernut biscuits etc.

    i drank apple and ginger herbal tea with my second pregnancy and it really helped (tasted nice too).

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    eat dry crackers and drink 7-up.

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    Your babies is giving you early signs that it is going to be bulemic. Bless you. I hope the baby recovers when it is born.

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