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can i sue mcdonalds for serving me RAW chicken?

i got two snack wraps crispy ranch with EXTRA ranch and cheese. it was seriously RAW. the outside was cooked, the breading. but the actual chicken was raw. not pink. RAW!

it looked like this inside. and i had eaten half of it because i couldn't tell at first until i got half way through it and the chicken was stringy. i checked the second one and it was raw too! McDonald's called me a liar so i took it in and the first manager i showed said it wasn't raw and then i showed the second one the next day after putting it in the fridge overnight and the manager i showed the day after was majorly mad at the first manager for saying it was not raw so on and so on. she talked to him and he is no longer a manager. but about two days or a day and a half after eating it and since i have had diarrhea really bad and i have cramps in my stomach. from what i've heard you can only sue if you have been harmed. should i go to the doctor and see if i have samonella? and if i do have it can i sue mcdonalds?

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    Always go to a doctor so you will have documentation. Did you save a piece of the chicken? On the other hand the manager did get fired or demoted or whatever so they did what they could do. Unless you really get sick I wouldn't sue. Not worth it. But, maybe you could get a free snack wrap!

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    As others have pointed out, you can sue McDonalds for have a dirty parking lot, much less for serving you raw chicken. The real question is, can you find a lawyer to take the case? That I don't know... unless you still have the chicken in question, I'd say no way. The only other way to find out is to start calling lawyers and telling them your story. You might find one who's willing to take the case on a contingency basis.

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    Wow, that is pretty gross. I would go to the doctor to get yourself checked out.

    As far as suing them goes, well, it just depends on how much time you want to put into it. Is it REALLY worth it? I mean, you spent maybe five dollars at most on those snackwraps. Sure, you definitely did the right thing by taking it in and complaining. But, if I were you, I'd be satisfied with that jerk manager getting fired.

    People get food poisoning everyday from restaurants. Yeah, you throw up and feel pretty bad and it sucks, but you just don't eat their again and move on. If you take this to court, you'll be spending a lot of your time trying to prove your side against one of the biggest industries in the world. If you do win, how much money are you expecting to get? You probably won't get too much just for having some cramps and diarrhea. People get sick all the time from bad food that's served in restaurants. It happens.

    Anyway, I wasn't the one who saw and ate the chicken, so I really can't say much. If you feel strongly enough about it, then hey, go for it. I wish you the best.

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    Suing someone consists of filing a lawsuit application at the courthouse which costs a good bit.Later a judge will decide if the case can be heard or dismissed

    with no refunds.Without a solid chain of custody it will never be provable that the chicken was the same as you received and the McD expert will point out this question that states the breading was done.You might get farther with a lawyer to

    negotiate for medical bills and personal loss but they get paid up front and no


    If they fired or reduced the manager he can sue and collect.

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    McDonalds chicken is already pre-cooked. If it weren't pre-cooked, every chicken order would take 10-30 minutes to cook thoroughly depending on it's size. So, the chicken was just cold-not raw. For future reference, if chicken is pink in the middle it is raw. If chicken is white (which ALL Mcdonalds chicken is), then it is cooked. You can also only sue if you were negatively affected by their product. Your lawsuit would be dropped and you would be out lawyer's fees, and highly possibly, you would be responsible for McDonalds lawyers' fees also.

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    I'm not calling you a liar but I don't understand how the worker could have known it wasn't friend properly and if it was raw, then the whole batch is ruined and more people would have complained. At the one I work at, I (I don't know about others) know when it's done or atleast, not COMPLETELY raw by the way it looks. I don't understand how it can look cooked and be raw in the inside. It's not hard to cook a select, unless of course that person was not fully there.

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    Definitely go to the doctor and yes you can sue them. That is rediculous that they served you raw chicken. Remember next time to open up what you order first to make sure that it's alright.

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    I'm not buying your picture. I work for McDonald's and have seen what the chicken looks like when it's not completely cooked. You picture looks like you went and bought chicken at the grocery store and took a picture of it.

    By the way, no you don't have a law suit! You should have called them right away!

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    As long as you have a drs "note" that says you had food poisoning.

    I actually got salmonella from McDonalds 3 years ago and had to be hospitalized. Needless to say, McDonald's got in A LOT of trouble.

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    ugh, repulsive.

    there's no excuse for mcdonalds to be selling raw food.

    someone in the back was lazy, and you're the one suffering for it.

    if you still have the raw chicken take pictures and definitely get a doctor's report. that mcondalds needs to be reported to someone so other people don't get sick to, and if you're lucky you could get money out of the whole deal.

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