what's your favorite my chemical romance or gerard way quote or lyric?

i'm doing an art project, and i need a quote from a song or something to put on it......any suggestions? thanks!

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    First of all I wanna say that My Chemical Romance is an amazing band! Definitely my favorite. A couple of lyrics from MCR that I really like are:

    "If you marry me,

    would you bury me?

    Would you carry me to the end?"

    From: To The End on Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

    Those lyrics just kinda speak to me. My parents have recently gone through a bitter divorce, and I now value commitment greatly. So those lyrics are really meaningful to me, and that's why I like them.

    "Will they give me the chair?

    Or lethal injection, or swing from a rope if you dare!"

    From: You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison on Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

    I just thought that the way Gerard said those was cool, and the lyrics are kinda funny in a way to me.

    "When you go,

    Would you have the guts to say,

    I don't love you,

    like I did,


    From: I Don't Love You on The Black Parade

    These lyrics were sad since it's talking about how people fall out of love. So, they were meaningful to me and the way Gerard said them packed a lot of emotion in my opinion.

    Those are some of my favorites. Hope you do well on your project!

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    "So how was Christmas for you guys? Did you all get lots of nice black tee shirts?" - Gerard Way

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    Mama, we're all full of lies.

    Mama, we're meant for the flies.

    And right now they're building a coffin your size,

    Mama, we're all full of lies- my chemical romance, mama

  • 1 decade ago

    the boys and girls in the clique the awful names that they stick your never gonna fit in much kid-lyrics from teenagers

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