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MARA appliance. HELP!?

i just got the mara appliance for my braces yesterday. i cant eat! at all not even soft foods. it hurts really badly which was a shock for me because my braces didn't hurt! and i always look mad. i had a natural curve of a smile when my mouth was closed before but now its always stern looking! help me my mom wont take me to get it out.

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    The mara is probably the worst thing an orthodontist can do to your mouth. I got mine on 2 years ago, and for the the following 3 weeks after getting it on i only ate ice cream, jello, & milkshakes. It hurts the most during the 1st month. after wards every adjustment is really a piece of cake. Good luck, it really helps out in the end. I'm finally getting mine off next month; i was only supposed to have it for a year. ORTHODONTICS LIE!! haha.

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    The worst part about the mara is that when you wake up for the first morning, it hurts so bad. But, you can solve it pretty easy for the first few days when you wake up.

    First, aspirin or any other pain killer is like your butter to your toast. When you wake up you won t want to get out of bed it hurts like a hammer to your teeth. So, before you go to bed have an aspirin beside you, so that when you wake up you wan chug it down.

    Second, eat soft foods like, soup, ice-cream, drinks with lots of vitamins and fruit or veggies, etc. Basically try to avoid things to chew.

    Third, clean it as if it was a brand new car. If you don t clean the metal it can be a pain in the neck. it can get infected or even worse.

    Finally, don t get stressed, because the appliance dose not hurt. it s just the first few days.

    So, remember those four things and you will be fine.

  • Oh my goodness, I remember getting that on, I had to miss school it hurt so bad!

    Unfortunately, it's something you will have to deal with until you get used to it. Take pain meds, like ibuprofen for the swelling and Tylenol for the pain. Eat pudding, soup at hand, jello, slurpees, ice cream, etc.

    You probably look mad because of the way your are setting your jaw to relieve the pain. Once you get used to the MARA, you wont even know it's there. The good thing is that there is no tightening, and you can't see it because it is behind your teeth.

    Good luck, and feel better VERY soon!

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    I feel ur pain! I have them in currently and it sucks. You do start to get used to it though. Unfortunately when they adjust it, you practically have to start the whole painful process again. Your jaw will continually be sore and your mouth will be VERY uncomfortable. Trust me I hate it just as much as you do.

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