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Wishing to learn Oracle. Where should I start?

I'd like to learn the Oracle database program in order to further my job skills. I did take a database programming class in college (really enjoyed that) and we covered PL/SQL however I don't really use those skills in the job I'm currently in. Isn't that always the way. So I'm trying to refresh my SQL skills. I did pick up a SQL pocket guide by Oreily for that task. I'm also going over the text we used in class.

However I have no clue how I start to learn about Oracle. Like so many programs and databases that are used in the real world college just doesn't cover them but prepares you to be able to learn them I believe.

What are the first steps I should take to learning Oracle?

Books that can be recommended?

I did check the Oracle site but their classes cost more then I can afford at the moment so books appear more affordable and being able to go at my own pace (which can be quite fast a times) is preferable. My goal is to learn the program and how to operate it so I can obtain a job were the skill is required. In future I'd like to become an administrator or focus on the security aspect of it but one step at a time.

A local community college is offering classes (online ones that last about 6 weeks) at a price that is very affordable. Was going to take that as well but wondering if there were other options too as I might find that moves to slow.

Thank you.

2 Answers

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