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What is with the sign-in to Yahoo Mail recently?

Argghh! I sign in to Yahoo Mail as usual, and before my inbox screen even pops up, I'm requested to sign in again. Then if there is a pause of 1 minute or more, I'm asked to login again!! I've always checked the box for "Leave me Signed In for 2 weeks..." and nothing has changed in my settings. What the heck is going on or changed???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First....clean up your system

    This problem is normally caused by a browser related issue.

    Browsers store temporary files in your computer's memory and swap file on your hard disk. Soon these areas become cluttered and reduce your browsers performance.

    You can usually solve this problem by clearing your browser cache and cookies.

    Here is how you do it....

    MOZILLA on TOOLS at the top of your screen and then click on CLEAR PRIVATE DATA. once the screen comes up click on CLEAR PRIVATE DATA ...AFTER you make sure there is a checkmark in front of them. you can omit SAVED PASSWORDS if you wish...I like that feature myself in Firefox

    INTERNET EXPLORER 6...Click on TOOLS...INTERNET OPTIONS..then DELETE COOKIES button and choose OK when prompted. Then DELETE FILES button and select to DELETE ALL OFFLINE CONTENT..In the bottom right-hand corner of the Internet Options page, click the CLEAR HISTORY button, and choose OK when prompted..

    INTERNET EXPLORER 7 and 8....Click on TOOLS....INTERNET OPTIONS...then click on DELETE under BROWSING HISTORY...After that click on DELETE ALL at the bottom and choose OK if prompted. Then click on OK button at the bottom of the Internet Options window...

    that should do it...=))


    if the above don't work....ask chat works great

    Use the website first..has a live chat option..

    Customer care for US.

    Yahoo customer service telephone no 866-562-7219 or 408-349-3300

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